Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marriage Retreat 2011

Last weekend Jeff and I were able to attend a marriage retreat sponsored by the Army. The retreat was called "strong bonds" and focused on the "5 Love Languages" by Dr. Chapman. It was a relaxing weekend focusing on strengthening our marriage and relationship.

Peighton went along with us and enjoyed swimming in a pool for the first time and getting her very own Lambchop doll...which as you can see below she loves...she usually smiles when Lambchop talks to her.
Next week...this little cutie will get to meet Santa and hopefully will smile for a picture :)
We attempted to take a few family pictures in front of the beautiful tree in the hotel lobby, but I learned my lesson in attempting to take pictures with a 6 week old and everyone looking good so we aimed for individual pictures.

I love waking up to this beautiful face every day!
She sported her new zebra shoes this weekend too!
Oh, and her new adorable ruffles outfit from Auntie Debbie!
We had a great weekend and learned many ways to have a long lasting marriage.

Next week we are having Peighton's 2 month pictures made....I can't believe I just typed that....2 months already!!

Until next time.....God bless.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Girl's Best Friend

6 weeks

Peighton Joy is already 6 weeks old! I do not know where time has gone. Since Jeff got home and I have a helping hand time has flown by so quickly.
Napping and bed time has changed....A LOT around here.
Our sweet princess has realized that she runs the house now she decides when we sleep and IF we sleep.

She loves to nap and sleep cuddling with us or in our laps. She used to be so good about putting herself to sleep in her cradle and I'm determined to get her back to that routine. We had a few rough nights recently, but last night was good and I'm hoping to go back to the routine we did when it was just her & I and hopefully that will get her back in to the "sleeping all night" groove. Our routine recently was bath, feeding, and reading then bedtime (usually between 8-10), but when it was just us two I kept her awake with me until about 10 then we went upstairs and I fed her in the complete dark and put her in the cradle after nursing and let her fall asleep on her own. I think the excitement of the bath and reading kept her awake and we would pick her up and let her sleep on our chests and that is just not working anymore!

In other "first" news, we decorated our house for PJ's first Christmas. She just loves the lights and her daddy....as you can tell by the smile on her face :)
I just love her sweet innocent face. She is changing every day and looking more like her daddy :) which I love so much. Who wouldn't want to look at this sweet face all day?
Last week I started putting her in her room in the crib for naps. She did great! She slept for several hours and then woke up and just played with her hands for about 15 minutes until she was ready to be entertained again. I am dreading the day she sleeps in her room on her own.
Today was a relaxing day at home with mama. She took a short nap with daddy (he worked a 24 hour shift last night) and she has been awake ever since (this is huge in our house-she likes to sleep almost 10-12 hours a day).
We have a fun-filled weekend coming up and will post lots of pictures after our special retreat as a family :)

until next time God bless!