Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Collection

I'm expanding.....

Here is Emily's debut (my 20 something year old baby doll) and debut for my new hair clip/bowband excited to share.









All hairclips are only $8.00 and only $10.50 for hairclip and bowband. #0007 ON SALE for only $4!!
email me if you're interested:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's go Yankees! Let's go!!

That's right....the Yankees won the ALCS and headed to the WORLD SERIES vs. The Phillies (yuck!)

My hubby is such a true Yankee fan that last year before he deployed he got a tattoo to show his devotion. Here's a pic he took while he was deployed.

It was a great celebration in the Strayer house today and I have a video to prove it!

Here is Jeff's reaction to the Yankees winning!!

I'm so glad this game didn't go past 9 innings because now we are heading out for a date to see Law Abiding Citizen.
First, here's a picture of me and Makai. Poor thing I woke him up to put on his Jeter jersey. Lucki was so peaceful I didn't wake him up for a picture.
Here's what I'm sporting on our date tonight. I think there's a family picture in the future with our jerseys and the dogs' jerseys as well.

Make sure you all tune in Wednesday to see game 1 of the

Friday, October 16, 2009


So, it's been a while since I've updated and wanted to show the changes we've had and the changes to come. First, our family has, I'm not pregnant. We added a furbaby to our family. Her name is Chloe, she's a chihuahua/corgi mix and she's a wonderful delight. She potty trained herself and has made her place in this house. Her brothers love her.....sometimes. She has claimed her spot on the bed and on the couch. She fell in love with Jeff the first few days he was home and has grown soooo attached to him. If I leave to go to class she cries and whines for me until Jeff entertains her and she does the same thing when he leaves for work every morning. She's definately our little girl...for now.

I also changed my hair...surprise surprise right! ha! I decided that darker was better and Jeff agreed so a week prior to his homecoming I went DARK. My wonderful hair dresser Keiko made my hair look awesome! It has three shades of brown in it and the bottom layer being sooo dark it's almost black...I LOVE IT! Here's a before and after pictures. The before picture was taken in July after Pam highlighted my hair. I am so indecisive when it comes to I just change it a few times a year and get the best of both worlds.


The biggest change of all....we're moving to Colorado in 4 short months!! I am overly excited about this move and cannot wait to experience the many many road trip opportunities the mainland has to offer. We are both looking forward to visiting our families more than once a year and actually driving more than 40 miles in one day. I'm a little worried about how our dogs will handle the really cold ground since they are all three bread & born Hawaiian! But, I did get them adorable booties and jackets that will hopefully keep them warm and cozy. I cannot wait to trade in my slippas for boots and feel the snow in my hands. One of the things I miss most about the mainland is the seasonal change. We have two season....summer and spring. Leaves don't chane, we don't get snow, and all that comes with the change is rain and wind. I am very much looking forward to looking out my window at a scenery similar to this. The many color changes in the leaves and the cool breeze when fall appears.
We are leaving in mid-Feb and that day cannot get here fast enough. I think I'm a little more excited than Jeff...but in due time, he'll get there too!

As for now, I'm off to shower and enjoy having hubby home :)

He's home!

So I'm almost two weeks late on this, but Jeff has finally come home from his tour in Iraq. This reunion was awesome! They get better and better each time. Our homecoming ceremony was at 4am and due to some circumstances it was delayed until after after a long wait we got to see them!! Here are some pics from our wonderful homecoming. Thanks to Lily, Jessie, and Raul for taking pictures and video!
Our units welcome home banner
There's our heroes!!!

His welcome home lei

I spotted him!!!
This is me "patiently" waiting for the Major to stop talking and let us reunite already!

Hi honey!!!

First hugs & kisses are the BEST!

THIS moment, exact moment, could last FOREVER!
He brought home more than he left with!

Time to be a family again!

Thank you everyone for your prayers during this deployment and the many thoughts from our family and friends. Please continue to pray for the thousands of soldiers separated from their loved ones. We have several friends about to leave for another tour and I ask that you specifically keep them in your prayers. It never gets easier no matter how many times you say goodbye.
Many blessings to you all!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dresses Galore!

This is what I've been doing for a week straight...and loving it. I'm selling these dresses and for really cheap...mainly b/c I'm not trying to make money, simply just need to pay for my hobby. I'm practically giving them if you see one you like, just let me know. I'll ship anywhere and it won't be extra! Contrary to what the Post Office says, it does NOT cost extra to ship from or to Hawaii...

I've named each of the dresses after the special keiki it was created for...or just a cute name instead of numbering them .I'm working on a site for people to order from...and an etsy, ebay, and amazon page as well.

Hope you like. Leave comments if so!

Front view of "scrap that"
"Scrap That" (back view)
"The Catelynn"

Summertime Sunshine

"The Lola" a special dress so she can welcome home her daddy

"Retro Lola"

"Hippie Lily"
Close up of "Hippie Lily"
"Keiki girl"

"Ava's Sunday best"

"Ava's Hawaiian pink"

"Capri Hope"

So all of my dresses are only $8 (newborn-2T) $10 (3T & up) with the exception of "Scrap That" "Sunday Best" and "Capri Hope." Those three are $12 (newborn- 2T) $14 (3T & up). I'm also offering the chance for people to pay whatever they can afford. I understand the economic hardship right now, so if you cannot do $8-12 right now simply give whatever you think necessary.
I'm also really excited about this. My church is having a silent auction to raise money for a couple going on a field mission trip and I am going to attempt to put two of my dresses in the auction...I know they won't be the biggest ticket items, but I'm hoping they will contribute to this great family and mission.
I'm also working on starting a website...the name for my "company" will be "Ava Inspired Designs" after my dear friend Jessie's little princess. Since I did start out making these dresses for her, I think I ought to pay tribute to her sweet life. I can't wait to meet her NEXT WEEK!
Ok, if you love my dresses leave comments! I love to know people like them, or if you have ideas for a different pattern or tutorial for a cute style add that too!
God Bless

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THE Secret Baby Shower I've been working on....

I wanted to share some pictures from the baby shower I was secretly organizing for one of my best friends, Jessie. It was a wonderful success with so much love in one room for this baby it was exhausting...literally, I slept for 14 hours the next day. I've been working so hard day and night on this thing and I'm soooo glad Jessie had a blast! Here are some pics....

This is Debbie (Jessie's mom), Jessie & Me before the shower (she still had no clue at this point where we were going...and I threw her off by getting us lost....oi. )

This is her wonderful reaction to finding out it would be at a tea house! :D she was allll smiles.

The cake that Heather, myself, & Pam worked on for many many hours. (It was completely finished with just the top layer to spare so mommy & daddy could share it when Baby Ava arrives.)

Here's Jessie's reaction to alllll the bows that I made for little Ava....I can't wait to see her wearing these & the various outfits that go along with them.

The sign I made for Ava....she did like it....contrary to her crooked smile lol. i love ya Jess. favorite. Some of the girls playing "draw the baby on top of your head" game. It was sooo much fun. Congrats to our winner & loser (she picked best and worst baby) Some of them had some "mysterious" things growing out of their bodies that I certainly hope were embilical cords :)

This the table set up with a yummy tray of foods, scones, and desserts & the party favors. (the pink tea cup shaped boxes filled with goodies)

All of the wonderful gifts for Baby Avangelina...who will be here in 6 weeks!!

The radiant momma to be!! Isn't she the prettiest preggo you've ever seen?

Finally, here's the gang all coming to celebrate a miracle in the making who is growing more and more each day...Can't wait to meet you and squeeze those beautiful cheeks Ava.
I cannot give kudos or recognition to the location...they were horrible to us as we left...even though the set up was gorgeous the owner was very disrespectful & unprofessional. If anyone (in Hawaii of course) wants to know the name to avoid the location let me know...I would never recommend her to anyone and she has not heard the last of me...or Jessie's mom.
Other than that, Ava has everything she will ever need for the first year of her life. I cannot wait to see her and hold her.
P.S. Ava's daddy will be home in 5 weeks....please keep him in your prayers as he travels home from Iraq to be with his wife & baby & also pray that he will be allowed to stay instead of returning home.