Thursday, July 31, 2008


So, I did it! I actually did it! I marched right in there and said, "cut it off". I actually did it! I LOVE IT! Now, lets just pray that my husband agrees....I sent him a picture message, but he hasn't answered back with a response yet. So....tell me what you think? Be honest, I know some of you didn't want me to do it (Sorry Alana).


Ok so its a LITTLE shorter than I imagined, but time will change that for me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vote on my haircut

So, I've been debating for a while now whether to cut my hair or not. I gave myself a goal and WHEN I reach that goal I plan to cut my hair. That goal is very I need to prepare myself for this change. It took me an entire deployment to get my hair this long...and a few weeks ago I cut off about 2 inches b/c it was dead so I've become addicted to the sissors again...

So I was hoping for some of you to help me decide. Here are a few cuts that I am considering...tell me what you think will look good on me. PLUS, I am going a little blonder with highlights!! I think it's just time for a change as I enter the working world again.

P.S. Jeff thinks this is a bad idea b/c he says I always regret it...but hey, what's life without a little spunk right?

So tell me what you you like #1 or #2 ....OR do you have a style that I should try? I want something that is a bob style with layers so i can do different me out friends.

#1 (just a little longer...but I LOVE bangs and color).

#2 (kind of shorter than #1 but I love this style)

Now I know these are very similar...I'm looking mostly at the length. Also, notice that the second one kind of goes at an angle in the front...I dont want anything as draftic as Victoria Bechams but I want something sassy and cute. The first one is more of a bob with a few layers and the second has alot of layers (back picture not posted).....I may post more tomorrow. Help me out! Voting starts....NOW

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lonely Hawaii

So it has been exactly 36 hours since Jeff left for one month long training. For some reason we both had a hard time saying goodbye...we've done this so so so many times before but this time neither one of us wanted to let go. It was an emotional goodbye....maybe because we know what is to come as soon as he gets back. I keep reminding myself that we've done this numerous times before and it wont be any different than the other times. I think the fact that I"ll have a friend living with me during the deployment will keep my mind occupied a little and I wont be so lonely. I couldnt sleep my first night alone...I talked to Jeff on the phone for about 2 hours until *he says* I was uttering words that he couldnt understand...I even text him something about traffic...which had nothing to do with our I must have been exhausted. Of course, my first night alone I woke up like 20 times to check the doors and look outside. My dogs have even noticed that Jeff is not here right now. I came home today and the dogs greeted me and then ran to the door just looking like they were completely confused.I dont know how I'm going to entertain these guys for a year. Jeff has always been the one to chase them and play with them. They are too rough for me; I love them, but they bite for a game...not cool with my fragile fingers.

So my agenda for this month alone. I plan to lose some more weight (update-I've lost 5lbs.) and my overall goal is 20 lbs. YES, I need to lose 20lbs. I know I lost like 45 while he was deployed...but he's made me gain back like 15 of that...yes, it is his fault. He always wants home cooked meals...cant pass up the homemade bread. lol. So, I've been working out for 21 days straight...3xs a day like last year. So we'll see what happens. I have to take my friend Jessie to the doctor and help her after a procedure, I have to complete this class to be a teacher in Hawaii, then I have to sit patiently and wait for my degree to finally come in the mail...countdown 30 days...ahh :sigh: Other than that, I only have weekly classes (for the teacher thing) and cleaning the house to keep me busy.

Jeff is already bored over there..he said it's hot, sticky, sandy & lonely. :( If only I could sneak in his package and keep him company. So, until my visit in November, I'm stuck on this island once again...wishing I was someplace else.

Monday, July 28, 2008

So So So many babies

ATTN: Baby Acting Scouters CUTE KID ALERT!!!

So I just wanted to welcome many babies...and say congrats to lots of new moms. While I don't have a little junior bouncing on my knee I am surrounded by little bundles of joys....allll around me. Many of my friends and family members are welcoming new babies....everytime I turn around. Jeff always said (in 2007) that the year 2008 would be the "year of the rat" and only boys would be born and everyone would be popping out kids. Well, maybe because we are on a military base with tons of pregnant women around us or the fact that it is the "year of the rat", but babies are overflowing this compound (my heart)

Just to name a few of the CUTEST 2008 angels born:
(hope moms dont mind I'm proudly displaying your offspring to the world of bloggers)

Robert Michael (my best friend's baby) Savannah, GA June 2008

Ayden Anthony Wahiawa, HI July 2008

Mason Kai Wahiawa, HI May 2008

Jennah Lawrence Greenville, SC March 2008

Ruthie Newton, NJ April 2008

J.D. and Julian Greenville, SC

Babies TO BE born this year:

Lewis Broussard Honolulu, HI (Navy Brat) ;) Due Oct.
Name unknown Murphy (know they had a name picked but I dont want to spoil it) Due in Sept.
Name unknown Micke (Cousin's baby) Due December
Name unknown Micke (other cousin's baby) Due October/Nov.
Name unknown Szelesta (dont remember last name; other cousin's baby) Due Jan. 2009
Zander (I think that's his name)....anyday now.
Parker Parecco Due November

I think that names all of the babies...I know I'm missing some people, but there are just too many babies out there....So while I sit here feeling bad for myself because I dont have a baby to care for; I'm reminded of the beautiful faces that brighten my days each time their mommy's send me a picture on my cell phone. I havent had the pleasure of cuddling all of these cute faces but I hope to hold each and every one of them soon.

I constantly remind myself that when we have a baby it will be when we and everyone around us....least expects it. Jeff keeps saying it will happen when we're broke, moving to a new state, going through job changes or worse.....through a very tough time. So, while it may come as a shock and it may come will be the best blessing in the world. JUST PRAY THAT IT HAPPENS SOON.....My patience is being tested!

I also wanted to give a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to my nephew Matthew. He will be 6 on the 31st! My, they grow up so fast.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As many of you know many of our Schofield soldiers will be deploying again in a few short months. This will not be our time saying goodbye for an extended period. But this time, there is a certain kind of worry that is different than all the other times. No, I dont have a baby to keep me occupied or the worry that daddy will never meet his child. I have a different worry. I worry that my soldier will not return to even have a child. I know that every deployment, every training operation brings a new kind of hazard, but this time I'm frozen with fear. I've been praying about this lately just asking God to give me a sign that we will have children and not to worry. Of course, if there was a guarantee then no Army wife would have to worry. After reading my daily devotional the other day I read a message that I feel was directly to ME on that exact day due to my uncontrollable fear. This is what it read.....

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow; it empties today of its strength"......"As you consider the promises of Jesus, remember that God still sits in His heaven and you are His beloved child. And you are protected. Since the Lord is your shepard, what are you worried about?"

What this means to me: I will try not to sink in sorrow of missing my husband and smile as I praise Him for giving me such a wonderful gift of love. I pray that I am reminded daily that Jeff is protected and we are meant to be parents....eventually. I guess this message should be something that I can remind myself of everyday as I live another 15 months without my husband. I pray that I'll have the strength to escape the fear and rejoice in the "time" (video messaging, text messaging, emails, letter, etc.) that I will have with him. I'm not saying that I wont cry myself to sleep every night just like the other times, and I'll probably have my good days and bad days. But I KNOW that God has his hand on Jeff and all the other soldiers and He will bring them home.

As I continued my daily devotionals through the week I pondered on each of them differently. I read about being too busy, forgeting to pray, fellowshiping with other women and finally "when it's hard to be cheerful". That last devotional hit me hard which I read on July 14th. I came to the conclusion (not immediately) that my latest pregnancy was God's way of telling me 'You can get pregnant, it's just not time'. We were so worried and convinced that my body would never carry a child and never create a life. The doctors performed endless testing, poking, and other procedures that are too painful to describe....and nothing gave definate answers. Finally, on May 23 our dream came true...we were pregnant! The last few weeks have been really hard, but I struggle with feeling guilty for not providing a good home for that baby, and worrying that it was last chance to be a mother. My devotional on July 14th showed me that through my pain I can be cheerful. I can rejoice in the other parts of my life that bring me happiness. I'm learning as an adult that if I put God front and center then everything will fall in to place. I can be happy. He will bring me happiness. When things are taken away; they will be replaced with brighter, happier, fuller things. My favorite verse from my pastor's sermon a few weeks ago went along with this devotional:

"Be cheerful. Keep things in good repair. Keep your spirits up. Think in harmony. Be agreeable. Do all that, and the God of love and peace will be with you for sure." 2 Corinthians 13:11

So, what am I going to do this deployment? I'm going to cry, I'm going to mourn the time we will lose while he battles a war far away, but I will also try to wake up everyday and be cheerful. I will rejoice in the blessings that surround my life and I will THINK IN HARMONY. Through my worry and my tears, I will praise His name and know that He is with me always.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miracle Ayden!!


Your prayers worked! Baby & Mommy are doing wonderfully. They were released last night. I had the chance to meet him and hold him last night. He's the perfect comibination of mommy & daddy. He has every feature imagineable of daddy except mommy's perky lips. He's the cutest thing ever...and quiet too. I only heard him cry once and the moment daddy held him...he was quiet. You can tell that this little man is going to be Rob's pride & joy. He welcomed the cries, offered to change every diaper, and even runs to the rescue when he spits up. Jackie has a great baby They commented on how great he sleeps. He did not want to wake up the whole time we were there. I think he's going to be a very quiet boy.....until toddler age. I think everyone's prayers were answered...he's perfect, mom's healthy and they are happily making a home together. Plus, I think he likes He didnt cry, fart or poop on me!! I am thankful....I have a gag reflex...hahah.

We feel so blessed to have met Jackie & Rob. I wish that I had met her while the boys were deployed...since I met her a few months ago we have become really good friends. She has so many friends that I already like too...they are funny and just a hoot to be around.

Now that Ayden is finally here, happy & healthy I cannot wait to watch him grow into a noisey toddler.

Of course, this event has fueled OUR baby blues...yes, Jeff too!

So I just got a text that our friends Jackie & Rob (Jeff's bff from Iraq) just gave birth to their beautiful baby boy, Ayden. He was a stubborn little guy. Her expected due date was June 11th and everyday came and went without him here. Yesterday she was admitted and today at 9:03 a.m. a beautiful 7lb 7oz baby boy arrived....finally. I havent spoken to her so I'm not sure if it was c-section or natural, but either way they both came out safely. I have a few prayer requests for the Robert's new family:

1. Quick recovery for mama
2. Easy time feeding & sleeping the little guy.
3. Rob has time for lots of memories before leaving.
4. That the kid likes me (they'll be living here for a while so I need him to like me).
5. Baby & mama dont have to spend more than two days at Tripler.

I know that your prayers will be heard and they will head home soon with their new bundle of joy. In two weeks the new daddy will be joining the rest of our men to training and hopefully they will allow him to stay back so he can gain a few important memories with his new bundle.

Times like these make me so happy. I just wish that I could share her joy in a way that I can say "I know how you feel...". Still praying, someday it'll happen for us. I'm just learning to TRUST that God will make it happen soon. I'm trying really hard to ignore doctor's orders of "let's try this medicine, this procedure now so you are pregnant immediately". I don't believe that is God's plan. If he wanted it immediately I would still be pregnant. So today is a day of joy and happiness for a brand new life just started....and it's one to be celebrated.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Very busy week....ended

My parents came in on Thursday and a few short hours later my grandmother arrived. We made our first stop to NEX so that we could search for a new hat for my dad...if you saw his bald head, you'd understand his need to protect it from the sun... :) So once my family was settled in our house I posted our agenda on the fridge complete with deadlines....and My parents thought it was funny...just my payback for 17 years. Our agenda was full for the short 4 days of their visit. First, we had our busy day on Friday. We left the house at 6:45 AM to be at Pearl Harbor by 8am. Shortly after arriving dad & Jeff made their place in line for us while the ladies went to the restroom....yes, this is an important detail so you understand how painful my weekend was....literally. On the way, mom says "watch out for the mud" and being the usual clumbsy person I am I fall right in to the wet mud. That wasnt the worst part....I bruised my very tender knee and cut it open. 5 days later and I just picked gravel out of my scab...gross. So we had a great time at Pearl Harbor. We enjoyed a history lesson and hearing a few survivors speak. I even saw a girl there that I knew from South Carolina...small island...literally. So here are a few pictures from our Pearl Harbor trip....

Jeff & I at the anchor!

The USS Arizona from the boat.

A few of the 4o something survivors....Jeff loved listening to them speak. Jeff & I on the ArizonaMy favorite picture....something special about a US Flag.

Following this trip to Pearl Harbor we left for a trip to the Ala Moana Mall. We enjoyed some lunch and went to a yummy bar. After endulging on some delicious foods we visited the Bodies exhibit. Without spoiling it the exhibit for you I will say that it was a learning experience. It was quite shocking to see some of those bodies....who were once alive just sitting there as people ooohhh and ahhhh over them. My mom kept saying "im getting queesy" but that's nothing new for her. She cant handle needles....even outside of the arm. lol. The only thing I do not recommend is the "audio tour" because it is not worth your $6 unless you have kids. The kids version is better for them. It was very emotional to see the fetal development section. I tried to avoid it at first, fear of breaking down, but God directed me in there. I didnt really learn anything new, but it was interesting to see. I felt bad when I saw the infants in there...I felt like they shouldnt be on display but it is to educate people. Needless to say, I spent a total of 2 minutes in there.

Saturday was an even busier day. We awoke about 7:00 to the smell of eggs, sausage, toast and fruit. Yep, daddy was making breakfast. That's my dad's specialty. He's always cooked breakfast on the weekends since I was little. So Saturday we spent the dat at the Polynesian Cultural Center. This was something I had been planning since I found out they were coming to visit. We spent the entire day there.....arrived at 11:00 and left at 9pm! It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed every moment....we chose not to have a guided tour so we could enjoy our time at each place as long as possible. I think my mom's camera had more fun than we She took well over 100 pictures. Our favorite part was the guy who cracks coconuts and throws fire. He was hilarious.....and kept the whole crowd laughing with his sarcastic jokes. Here are a few pictures from that day....

My parents left yesterday and we enjoyed their visit so much. Probably more than last time...mainly because they wernt here for Jeff's deployment this time. We got to do alot more sight seeing this time and we had the chance to take them to places we have not had the chance to explore ourselves. Soon, I'll be going home for the holidays and then they can show me around the NEW isnt my hometown anymore the way it has changed. Anymore visitors want to come stay with us?

My Graduation

Sunday was the day I've been working so hard for lately. I finally finished and will begin on my next degree in a few months....yes, I'm not finished yet. I plan to go as far as my student loans will take I hope to match what my very smart father has achieved. I may not be top of my class or have a 4.0 but I'm very close and very proud of myself thus far. Here are some pics of that wonderful day.

My biggest supporter...hubby!
Me and my parents.

Me & daddy!
My grandmother & I....she flew in from Jersey just for this day!
Jeff & I at Cheesecake Factory....right after he gave me my diamond studs...Thanks honey! WHAT A SURPRISE!

This was only part of our very busy weekend. I will post more pictures later that show how we never stopped from the moment our visitors arrived!