Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Graduation

Sunday was the day I've been working so hard for lately. I finally finished and will begin on my next degree in a few months....yes, I'm not finished yet. I plan to go as far as my student loans will take I hope to match what my very smart father has achieved. I may not be top of my class or have a 4.0 but I'm very close and very proud of myself thus far. Here are some pics of that wonderful day.

My biggest supporter...hubby!
Me and my parents.

Me & daddy!
My grandmother & I....she flew in from Jersey just for this day!
Jeff & I at Cheesecake Factory....right after he gave me my diamond studs...Thanks honey! WHAT A SURPRISE!

This was only part of our very busy weekend. I will post more pictures later that show how we never stopped from the moment our visitors arrived!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Leza!!

The Heimdale's

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Ashley said...

Congrats girl! Think you had enough leis? haha You're looking great! :-)