Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miracle Ayden!!


Your prayers worked! Baby & Mommy are doing wonderfully. They were released last night. I had the chance to meet him and hold him last night. He's the perfect comibination of mommy & daddy. He has every feature imagineable of daddy except mommy's perky lips. He's the cutest thing ever...and quiet too. I only heard him cry once and the moment daddy held him...he was quiet. You can tell that this little man is going to be Rob's pride & joy. He welcomed the cries, offered to change every diaper, and even runs to the rescue when he spits up. Jackie has a great baby They commented on how great he sleeps. He did not want to wake up the whole time we were there. I think he's going to be a very quiet boy.....until toddler age. I think everyone's prayers were answered...he's perfect, mom's healthy and they are happily making a home together. Plus, I think he likes He didnt cry, fart or poop on me!! I am thankful....I have a gag reflex...hahah.

We feel so blessed to have met Jackie & Rob. I wish that I had met her while the boys were deployed...since I met her a few months ago we have become really good friends. She has so many friends that I already like too...they are funny and just a hoot to be around.

Now that Ayden is finally here, happy & healthy I cannot wait to watch him grow into a noisey toddler.

Of course, this event has fueled OUR baby blues...yes, Jeff too!

So I just got a text that our friends Jackie & Rob (Jeff's bff from Iraq) just gave birth to their beautiful baby boy, Ayden. He was a stubborn little guy. Her expected due date was June 11th and everyday came and went without him here. Yesterday she was admitted and today at 9:03 a.m. a beautiful 7lb 7oz baby boy arrived....finally. I havent spoken to her so I'm not sure if it was c-section or natural, but either way they both came out safely. I have a few prayer requests for the Robert's new family:

1. Quick recovery for mama
2. Easy time feeding & sleeping the little guy.
3. Rob has time for lots of memories before leaving.
4. That the kid likes me (they'll be living here for a while so I need him to like me).
5. Baby & mama dont have to spend more than two days at Tripler.

I know that your prayers will be heard and they will head home soon with their new bundle of joy. In two weeks the new daddy will be joining the rest of our men to training and hopefully they will allow him to stay back so he can gain a few important memories with his new bundle.

Times like these make me so happy. I just wish that I could share her joy in a way that I can say "I know how you feel...". Still praying, someday it'll happen for us. I'm just learning to TRUST that God will make it happen soon. I'm trying really hard to ignore doctor's orders of "let's try this medicine, this procedure now so you are pregnant immediately". I don't believe that is God's plan. If he wanted it immediately I would still be pregnant. So today is a day of joy and happiness for a brand new life just started....and it's one to be celebrated.


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