Monday, January 26, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

Aloha Friends,

Please join me in supporting the March of Dimes Foundation this year!

On April 25, 2009 I will joining other Hawaii Military Wives as we support healthy babies and babies born prematurely. Every dollar counts...please make a donation even if it is only $1.00

We can all make a difference. Visit my page to check out my goal and make donations. You can remain anonymous~But, if you chose to leave your name I will be sure to send a special thank you from my Hawaiian group to you!

Thank you

visit my site:

Friday, January 23, 2009

One of the many beautiful sights of Hawaii

I wanted to share some beautiful sights that I am so blessed to see while living in Hawaii...somedays I have to remind myself that this place is a blessings....even though somedays I just want to go back to the mainland. Im trying to enjoy as much as I can before we leave....just isnt the same without hubby though.

This pictures is from earlier this week.A good friend of mine (Jessie) and I relaxed on the beach for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We both had off and decided to soak up some rays and talk about life. Here was what we saw baking in the sun beside us....

Before he rolled back over....

After he rolled over (this took forever...due to his silly size)....

Here's a view of the cannot even do justice for these massive things. The news said they were 30 foot I was there again with Roxy and they were EVEN BIGGER!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on my 101 things to do list.

So I posted this a few months ago. These are 50 of the 101 goals that I hope to achieve in 16 months. I put a few updates beside some of them. Just thought I'd share some of my progress over the past few months!

1. Become closer to God (working on that everyday)
2. Move to Colorado (January 2010)
3. Have a baby (someday?)
4. Finish my Master's in Education (working on that everyday...too)
5. Become a Certified Teacher in Colorado
6. Purchase Jeff's bike (October 2009)
7. Give back to my parents/in laws (BIG TIME)
8. Donate to children in honor of our 3 angel babies
9. Do something special for Jeff (working on that for r&r)
10. Finish losing weight (20 lbs down...only 10 more to go)
11. Continue 8 miles a day (even after Jeff returns) (still doing it...most days)
12. Save for baby fund
13. Save for Italy fund (2011)
14. Visit after my sister has her baby (March 2009)
15. Drive from Colorado to SC and PA
16. Visit DisneyLand or DisneyWorld
17. Become a full time teacher in Colorado
18. Keep up my 3.9 GPA...or get 4.0 (still maintaining that 4.0)
19. Read the entire bible (working on this chapter by chapter)
20.Become debt free (minus Student loans) (VERY VERY close)
21. Make another deployment scrapbook (havent even started)
22. Encourage hubby to finish school
23. Strengthen my marriage
24. Make a new friend every month (made 2 this month)
25. Mow the backyard (anyday now.....hmmm) (the nice housing guys did that for me.)
26. Deal with my grief from the miscarriages (praying about that everyday)
27. Continue fertility options (on hold until hubby is home)
28. Try a new meal (something I would never consider) (did that....Thanks to Roxy)
29. Find out why Lucki (& now Makai) scratches so much. ( appt on Feb. 4)
30. Save for a deposit on a new home (in about 8 years)
31. Trade in our cars for a safe SUV (kind of working on month)
32. Enjoy Colorado's snow
33. Call my sister's more often (hmm...waiting on them to call me back)
34. Enjoy 5 moments w/o cell phone or interruption with hubby (will do next month)
35. Pray outside of the box (little inside thing) (try to do that...everynight)
36. Finish my homework sooner than 1 day before due date (not happening...yet)
37. Study for the Praxis exams (slowly)
38. Ace the Praxis exams
39. Learn to be a little more patient (it's actually happening...thanks to prayer)
40. Clean my house from corner to corner monthly....or bi-monthly LOL (HAHAHAHAH)
41. Sing louder in church
42. Send out christmas cards with Jeff photoshopped in the pic (DID IT!)
43. Get an oil change every 3,000 miles without hubby nagging me. (DID IT!)
44. Start Jeff's car during this deployment every week. (hmmm....nope)
45. Learn to be thankful for little my puppies kisses. (learning...slowly)
46. Maintain garden in Hawaii AND Colorado (except in the snow) (NOPE)
47. STAND UP FOR MYSELF! (i tried....i did it with one person..but not with the one person i needed to)
48. Work on my hearing (hmm..what'd you say?)
49. Host a great Christmas brunch (went home instead.)
50. Improve my aim (at the range)




Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a journey!

So its 12:01am Hawaii time and I should be sleeping preparing for work, gym, homework, and cleaning...but instead, I'm exporing the blogging world. I just wanted to post a quick update. Next week, my cousin is having a, this seems perfectly normal in my world people always having babies. But, this day will be extra bittersweet. You see, she is due on January 28th. My original due date with baby #2 which we lost in June. I pray that Bean delivers a healthy baby girl/boy. (I'm thinking boy...but, thats for a later post.) I pray that the Lord provides them with strength and courage as they enter the world of parenting. I am also BEGGING the Lord to keep me so busy that day that I can hardly have time to think about my own pain. I know that if I have time to think about it I will only feel the physical pain of my broken heart. I forgot to mention this...but, I am so proud to share my Christmas present from hubby. He gave me a memorial necklace with the January birthstone. It's a simple necklace that is not some charm screaming "Look at me...Im a memorial for a baby lost". Its a very sudtle heart charm with a flower and the jewel hanging below. The necklace came with a great card that reads:

Forget Me Not

My little one
you have left us too soon
though my body
can no longer hold you
i hold you forever in my heart
As precious and beautiful
as this flower caught in time
A mother's love
does not forget.

I framed the card and using my scrapbooking skills decorating it where I see it everyday in my kitchen.

The moment I opened the box I just fell to the floor crying and wishing that I did not have to remember my babies with a charm. I am very thankful that my wonderful husband remembered that I wanted a memorial. We do not have pictures, a lock of hair, or a footprint to stare at when we are feeling down...but, now I have a small reminder that a life DID exist. So, next week as my cousin is meeting her beautiful miracle I hope that my day passes so quickly that I only have time to peak down at my charm and take a moment to remember...but, not long enough to ponder. I pray that the Lord brings me strength and peace as I smile for others and pray for my turn.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My (weightloss) Journey

So I thought I'd share my progress so far. Those of you who know me really well...know that I tend to lose alot of weight during deployments. I guess it is my way of staying busy and active to make the 12 months go by quickly. Here is a picture of Jeff and I a few months before he left. I was a little heavier. I won't give away my exact weight....but I will say so far (in 3 months) I've lost 22lbs. My workout as usual is 8 miles a day and too many crunches before bed to count. I also cut out all breads (except for today when I attended a tastefully simple party) and all pastas :( I also eat everything in a modified amount. I am such a light eater now that my body has become used to small amounts and I can only handle half of my normal helpings. I also take my dogs for 2.5 mile walk (sometimes) and spend almost an hour a night playing Wii Fit (best game ever!!!)

Here is a pic of me from Friday night before going out with the girls. I was so excited because these are the jeans I wore the night after Jeff got home from last deployment in 2007. I was in a size 6 (i know thats not small to Hollywood's standards but its a healthy size for me.) I have the problem with gaining some weight back when hubby is home...this time, I'm planning to keep it off! I've invested 2 hours a day to this workout...I'm not letting it go to waist (haha) again.

Also, this year I am running in the Great Aloha Run which is a 8.2 mile run. It is definately a challenge and I am looking forward to the end ;) I also have a few more marathons/run/walks on my agenda for this year. The best one will be the walk through the airport next month to pick up hubby for two weeks! :O)
So, I need some encouraging words as I continue my workout and hope to lose another 17 pounds to achieve my 2009 goal!!

My murderous cat....

As I mentioned back in October...My lovely cat Sassie, who is known for her unfriendly attitude and random attacks on the dogs....brought a mouse into the house and tucked it away for dessert inside our mattress boxspring.

WELL, once again Sassie has made me an accomplice to murder. Today, I came home to find the dogs sniffing a pile of bird feathers spread all over the living room floor. As I investigated a little further, I found a full blown crime scene...blood included.

So, knowing her past I followed a trail into my bedroom where....sure enough, she had the little bird tucked away in the boxspring AGAIN. This time, I called my wonderful neighbor to the rescue. I gagged as she stuck her hand in the hole and grabbed it...

The worst part....the head is missing. Sassie has been sleeping and rolling around since I got home. I'm thinking she has once heck of a tummy ache.

Here is pic of the crime scene....dont worry there are no guts in the photo. Just a little blood and feathers. Im expecting a knock at the door pretty soon from the Military Police claiming there are mysterious disappearances from dogs and birds around the neighborhood.

Trust me, I'm not covering for her anymore. lol