Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 weeks

30 weeks today!
I can't believe we only have 10 weeks left!
Peighton is the size of a butternut squash...weighing in at 3 pounds and 5 oz. and most likely a little over 18 inches! (most books say 17, but our little girl can break records for her long legs).
Peighton is starting to have a more regular sleep pattern. She is most active at night...not my favorite! I wake up in the morning hoping to feel her kicking and moving so I can "count kicks" and she's usually fast asleep and I resort to the doppler to make sure I hear her heartbeat. Evening time when I'm settling down for the day, watching a movie, or enjoying dinner she's doing zumba moves in my belly. I love every move though!

Miss Peighton continues to get sweet unexpected gifts in the mail all the time. Last week I shared the beautiful baby blanket my great Aunt Leslie made. A few weeks before that one of my best friends, Krissy, sent an adorable outfit that I can't wait to see her has a sweet kitten face on the tush :)

She also got this sweet gift from another best friend, Anna. I plan to use this bag for our many beach trips we plan to take when visiting my parents in Myrtle Beach. When we're not at the beach it will make a great toddler "outing" bag.

Today I made my first rag quilt. I originally made this for a friend who is expecting a girl as well, but there are few imperfections that are driving me crazy so I'm going to keep this one and make her a better one.

Most of my maternity pants are getting snug so I need to adjust them to last me the next two and a half months. I have been living in t shirts and shorts/yoga pants at home, but with the chance to go back to work for a few weeks I need to find something to fit me comfortably.
Lately I've been super hungry and want to eat anything sweet that crosses my path. Yesterday my friend Roxy forced me to watch "Cupcake Wars" and every single cupcake left an empty feeling in my stomach :) Needless to say, we have a few recipes in reserve for the upcoming weeks.
Good news! I passed my glucose test! I was so nervous about that and just anticipating that phone call that would lead to the 3 hour long test so I'm extremely happy I passed!
So far, I've gained about 22 pounds...give or take...based on how much ice cream I eat each day :)
I was afraid I gained too much, but the nurse said I'm right on track and since Peighton has always measured ahead it makes perfect sense. My uterus is measuring perfectly at 30 weeks, but Peighton is measuring a little bigger. I imagine she's running out of room quickly.
I do seem to have a new symptom that is driving me nuts. My nose is running like I have a cold. I blow it constantly and yet it continues to run!
Night time is also proving to be an obstacle. I sleep on my left side and my hip begins to hurt and my leg goes numb, so I switch to my right side....and the same happens there. I've been sleeping less on my back lately due to the horrible sciatic nerve pain that accompanies it.
The choking on acid in my sleep seems to be getting better, but I did wake up the other night and throw up for no apparent reason.
The ugly side of pregnancy has been showing it's face lately with headaches. Some days they are so bad I take a 3-4 hour long nap shortly after waking up for the day. I have to cover my eyes and sleep in the complete dark to feel better. Eating also helps, but it only feels better WHILE I'm eating...once I'm done, the headache is back. Luckily, my blood pressure was ok last appointment so it's most likely just hormonal changes.
Finally, here is my belly pic for this week! I can't believe how much I/she is growing and getting bigger each day. I am working on making a photo album that I can look back and compare each week of my belly and someday share with Peighton.
Until next time, God bless!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Itti Bitti Giveaway

One of my favorite bloggers, Ashley at is doing a giveaway on a cloth diaper I am hoping to try out and fall in love with like she did! The diaper is from Itti Bitti. I don't know much about this company because I have been concentrating on completing my Thirsties stock pile. The diaper comes in several styles including All-in-ones, snaps, and can probably be used a cover as well so it's very versatile. Please go to her blog, if you are doing cloth diapers, and enter to win....but, don't do more entries than me please :)

So far, my cloth diaper stock pile consists of 16 pre-folds (mostly newborn/infant sizes), 10 covers, and 9 all-in-ones. The AIOs are for the hubby who insists on using the ones "most like disposable diapers" that he can just throw in the pale and not worry about. We are also considering cloth wipes and after reading Ashley's blog I think I may begin to stock up on those as well. I like the idea of the spray bottle better than the wipe warmer with cloth wipes soaking up the liquid. I do have a few boxes of disposable wipes that we will use especially when she's first here and when we are out. My point for doing cloth diapers was mostly to save money and for the environment so doing cloth wipes will really benefit both my bank account and the local dump.

That's about it....I'm hoping to win my first ever giveaway, but if not good luck to whoever does!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

29 weeks

This week Peighton had a major growth spurt and she's taking up more room than my stomach and lungs appreciate. I have had a recent increase in appetite, yet no room for the cravings. We have discovered that she loves music! When Jeff plays his guitar, sings, plays music on his phone, or I play music on my belly she is constantly moving. I could poke her all day and she won't move, but put some music on and she won't stop! Hopefully she'll have some good rhythm and be a sing or a dancer!
I had my glucose tolerance test this week and I'm patiently waiting on the results from the doctor. It was not as bad as everyone said, until the end. The 100mg of sugar drink tasted exactly like orange soda until you reached the bottom where I believe 80mg of the sugar settled. Waiting around for an hour was the hard part. Luckily I had Jeff there to keep me company. We talked, laughed, googled some stuff, listened in on other people's "interesting" conversation, Jeff napped, I went to the bathroom approximately 4 times, and then we finally had the blood work done. And because I fasted all day, we pigged out on CiCi's pizza afterwards and it was EVERY bit delicious! I ate my weight (which is rather high these days) in pizza. We also scheduled all of my remaining doctor appointments. It's so surreal that I only have 7 more appointments. (He wants me bi-weekly and then weekly). Time if finally flying by!!
Wednesday Peighton got another homemade blanket, this time from her great great Aunt Leslie, my father's aunt. I still have my baby blanket that my grandmother made and it's my favorite blanket in the house...even if it is almost 27 years old with quite a few holes and mysterious hard spots that are probably random food items that didn't come out in the wash.
Here is my baby blanket:
The color is faded after being washed probably over 10,000 times and the pattern is losing it's shape a little.
And here is Ms. Peighton's baby blanket:
The color is vibrant and the pattern is flawless!
This week I packed Peighton's hospital bag, but still have to wash all of her clothes and blankets so I will probably unpack, repack, and repack again a few more times. I am also working on a check list for hubby for when it's time to head to the hospital. The hard part is deciding which adorable outfit, hair bow, perfectly made blanket, or hat to pack for her.

I don't have a belly pic yet, but I will take one today...once I shower and do something with my hair to look decent.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

29 week 4d Ultrasound

Well, we got another peek at our baby girl today and she has grown sooo much! Here are a few of my favorites:

The Big Yawn
Here she is playing with her toes. She was actually bending them backwards.
Sucking on her toes...which is something apparently her daddy & I both did for many years ha!
Her sweet chubby cheeks...I think she looks a lot like her daddy here.
And last, but certainly NOT least...our absolute favorite....the smile!
This was the first time we attended an ultrasound just the two of us and it was awesome to just be the three of us...and the tech of course. I drank an icee before arriving so she would be active and she certainly was. This just makes us even more excited and impatient to meet her :) 11 weeks to go!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

28 weeks

Yesterday was 28 weeks! I can't believe it....time is flying by. I never thought I'd be 12 weeks away from having a beautiful baby girl. I've been feeling pretty darn good lately except for horrible acid reflux that leaves me choking in my sleep. I'm starting to get the usual aches and pains from pregnancy. Sleeping has become difficult, but when hubby leaves for work in the morning I make my way down to the couch and get a great 4-7 hours of sleep.

We added her name to the wall finally a few weeks ago and I had to sit on it for a while before being happy with the placement. We also added little circle stickers around the room to give it some other color. I only placed a few around the room and plan to put a few bird pictures on a few walls too.
This week my mother in law ordered the crib set and it arrived yesterday! It is so much cuter in person than on the website. I absolutely love it. I think I may try to find some similar fabric to the birds and make pictures for the walls.

I know Peighton probably won't sleep in her crib for several weeks, but the crib set really completes the room and it's my favorite room in the house now.

And finally, here are the belly shots. Hubby is gone again many nights this week so I'm having to settle for the bathroom self-portrait. Our plans for the maternity shoot fell through as well, so we're hoping to get some self-made pictures soon together.

*Please excuse the no makeup (it's Thursday) lol. You really just want to see the belly anyway.

Peighton has been moving A LOT lately. My belly has been shaped funny because of her little behind sticking out. She gets hiccups at least once a day and she moves the most as soon as I lay down for bed. I have found a few positions that make her movements less noticeable so I can sleep. I could sit on the couch for hours and just feel her kick though and I would be perfectly happy :)

Next week is my glucose test and I'm slightly nervous about the results. I'm not really in risk, but there's always that small chance it could happen to me.

I have officially removed the wedding rings from my wardrobe. They are temporarily on a necklace until my fingers are normal size again. My shoes have also lost their place in this world. I'm literally able to fit in two pairs of flip flops and they are not the most comfortable so I may be purchasing some crocs soon to accommodate my newly chubby feet.

My doc thinks I won't make it another 9 weeks due to Peighton's size and I'm perfectly find with that because I would love an October baby if she's ready to come out. Due to Jeff's upcoming training schedule, October would be best so he can actually be here. But, I guess she will come when she is ready.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Past few weeks

If you have me on, you've probably already seen some of these photos, but for those of you who have not here are a few updated pictures:

This picture was taken last weekend the day before I cut off all of my hair. I was 26.5 weeks.
I don't look so big in this picture, but I swear I've gained an extra pair of hips in the last week.
Here is the new do:
I kind of regret it, I kind of don't. I know I'll eventually get over it and when I do it'll be a
little longer. It's shorter in the back and layered which I thought was super cute, but my
hair does not cooperate at all. It curls our and I look like Mary Tyler Moore from behind lol
I went back to work this week for a few days and each day my feet became more and more swollen. This picture is after day only got worse from here. I wore these cute embellished flip flops and by the end of the day they were so tight (which are normally .5 size too big) they left marks where the straps were. It was not pretty. My ankles were so swollen I could not see them at all....they are officially kankles. Thankfully after putting my feet up for a few hours after work they go back to normal. And today, since it's Saturday, they are looking normal and really needing a pedicure.
Tonight hubby & I are visiting a 9/11 memorial followed by a fireworks presentation so it'll be nice to get out of the house together. It's been a week of sleeping, eating, and living alone so hubby time is much needed!

I will post another update later with a 27.5 week belly picture.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another quick update

I promise to load more pics and a long post this evening...well, write it this evening and maybe blog tomorrow. I have lots of updating to do.
Until then, here's a quick update....
I was on bedrest for a few weeks due to an infection that caused contractions. After a few allergic reactions to medication, they have stopped and Peighton is staying put. So, the restrictions were lifted. I went to work this week. I officially quit my job, but continue to work to assist the school in it's 2nd year and prepare the new gals for the school year. I must admit I miss my job and probably should have stuck around a few more months.
I had a "crazy pregnant lady" moment. It's been 105, 98, 99, and 102 degrees every day for the last few weeks and last week I finally had it! I cut about 6.5 inches off my hair and colored it dark brown. We sure do some crazy things when we're pregnant.
My lack of posting has been because I did not have the new "google chrome" and apparently that is the only thing stupid blogger will work with so of course I finally got it to work and posted right away. Hopefully I won't have anymore problems and I can post some pictures this week.
I feel like I've gotten sooo much bigger! I have a hard time bending over lately b/c I'm growing so much and the leg cramps are making night time miserable. I have about 4-5 a night. It's horrible.
Ok, that's enough for now. I will post my official weekly update this evening.
Thanks for the replies ladies. I miss posting and commenting, but I'm baaaaack!