Saturday, August 20, 2011

29 weeks

This week Peighton had a major growth spurt and she's taking up more room than my stomach and lungs appreciate. I have had a recent increase in appetite, yet no room for the cravings. We have discovered that she loves music! When Jeff plays his guitar, sings, plays music on his phone, or I play music on my belly she is constantly moving. I could poke her all day and she won't move, but put some music on and she won't stop! Hopefully she'll have some good rhythm and be a sing or a dancer!
I had my glucose tolerance test this week and I'm patiently waiting on the results from the doctor. It was not as bad as everyone said, until the end. The 100mg of sugar drink tasted exactly like orange soda until you reached the bottom where I believe 80mg of the sugar settled. Waiting around for an hour was the hard part. Luckily I had Jeff there to keep me company. We talked, laughed, googled some stuff, listened in on other people's "interesting" conversation, Jeff napped, I went to the bathroom approximately 4 times, and then we finally had the blood work done. And because I fasted all day, we pigged out on CiCi's pizza afterwards and it was EVERY bit delicious! I ate my weight (which is rather high these days) in pizza. We also scheduled all of my remaining doctor appointments. It's so surreal that I only have 7 more appointments. (He wants me bi-weekly and then weekly). Time if finally flying by!!
Wednesday Peighton got another homemade blanket, this time from her great great Aunt Leslie, my father's aunt. I still have my baby blanket that my grandmother made and it's my favorite blanket in the house...even if it is almost 27 years old with quite a few holes and mysterious hard spots that are probably random food items that didn't come out in the wash.
Here is my baby blanket:
The color is faded after being washed probably over 10,000 times and the pattern is losing it's shape a little.
And here is Ms. Peighton's baby blanket:
The color is vibrant and the pattern is flawless!
This week I packed Peighton's hospital bag, but still have to wash all of her clothes and blankets so I will probably unpack, repack, and repack again a few more times. I am also working on a check list for hubby for when it's time to head to the hospital. The hard part is deciding which adorable outfit, hair bow, perfectly made blanket, or hat to pack for her.

I don't have a belly pic yet, but I will take one today...once I shower and do something with my hair to look decent.

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