Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kelly Korner Book Club

I absolutely adore Kelly's Korner so when she suggested The Antelope in the Living Room I knew it had to be good. But let's be honest as a SAHM to two little ones I dismissed the idea of ever being able to read a book. That was until last night I read her feedback on Chapter 4 and laughed out loud several times. One thing I have in common with Kelly...our husbands love to hunt so when I realized this book was sympathetic to widows of hunters (insert humor I am not a widow only a single mom during hunting season)vi figured I'd take the plunge. I downloaded the book and on a night where hubby still has not returned from a 27+ hour work day I made myself comfortable on the couch and caught up to Kelly's post from last week on Chapter 4. So here's my feedback.....

(This is my first week so I'm not sure if I copy her questions or do my own for sake of time I'll copy hers.)

1.  Have you ever made a list of qualities you want in your future spouse? What things did you include that ended up not being as important as you originally thought?
I don't believe I had a physical list but I'm sure at some point as a young woman I had my vision of the perfect husband. He would look something like this....tall or short just not shorter than me, brown hair (I had this crazy idea brown hair turned grey later in life), loved sports and shopping. I knew I wanted a man who would lead our family spiritually I just didn't know how or where I could meet that person. Jeff was the opposite of all that. Except the brown hair. But it took years to get him to attend church and when he did he loved it so I got almost exactly what I thought was the perfect man for me. P.s. He LOVES sports, hunting and anything outdoors. He also loves shopping....mostly for the kids clothes so it's even more attractive. 
2. What are some things in your life that you feel like you’re waiting on right now? Do you agree that we’re all waiting on something, no matter where we are in life?
This question I found particularly hilarious because while I read it Jeff was at work waiting for nearly 8 hours to get on a plane and jump out of it...only to land safely and wait another 15 hours while a missing piece of equipment is I type this he's going on a 27 hour work day...waiting. 
As for me, I am really struggling with this part of our life. Recently the army has made it very difficult for us to feel secure and "home". With major changes in Jeff's career on the horizon we are waiting to find out if we will stay, go, change, progress or remain stable. That's my biggest challenge right now is waiting and one thing I'm struggling with is making good friends here and I'm a people person...I need my people. 

3. In Chapter 4, Melanie mentions a list of celebrities she’d be friends with if they ever met. Do you have a list?
This question is hilarious! I'd love to be friends with Reese Witherspoon but only because I imagine her personality being similar to her character in Sweet a Home Alabama. I'd also love to have Miranda Lambert on my favorites list, I'd also add a few Yankee players to that list. 

Overall, this book so far has kept me entertained and giggling a lot. Mainly because I can relate to a lot of her stories. I love her story about how she wishes she kept the expectations for cooking low from the beginning. I could only cook spaghetti and Mac n cheese so that was all we ate our entire first year of marriage. But once Jeff returned from his first deployment I had somehow learned to com all these great meals and I spoiled him the first few weeks at home only to disappoint him with many burned meals and overlooked chicken dinners to follow. I look forward to putting the kids to bed tonight so I can read a few more chapters. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Welcome Baby Brother

After 4 days of contractions, 3 hospital visits, including an overnight stay, and lots of patience....

Baby brother has arrived!

Brett Charles 

November 11, 2013
 6:07 pm via repeat c section 
 9 pounds 2 ounces 
 22 inches long 
 and big sister adores him! She kisses him, tells him it's ok when he cries, and says good morning and good night to him every night. 

We are so blessed and absolutely in love with our new addition. Our family is complete! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

This weekend I had a little help from my folks who came to visit and take PJ away for a few hours so I could get some major sewing done! I made a new outfit for the shop!! It's just ADORABLE!!

You can see it HERE!!!

My mom took some adorable pictures of my clothes too so I could have a $10 sample sale on my facebook page! I still have a few dresses left is anyone is interested! All items are $10 and only one per dress. Size is displayed.

To see the sale, go LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE!!! These are two of the 5 outfits still remaining up for sale!

I have so many orders to keep me busy between now and when Brett comes, but I couldn't feel more blessed to have this gift and dress lots of cute kiddos! I have an exciting new item being added today that literally has me grinning from ear to ear!! 

Check it out later! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

My Etsy Shop

Life is finally back to "normal" and I've opened my shop again! Wow it's been going strong the last week and I have been so blessed to have plenty of new clients and new "likes" on my Facebook page. I recently added a few cute fall items and have many more in mind. HERE is my shop if you're on the hunt for cute things for your little ones.

I love shopping for myself online as well. It's seems to be a lot easier lately. Recently I ordered myself THIS  sweater from Southern Fried Chics. If you haven't seen this site, you'll love it! I just got my package today and LOVE the sweater. They have adorable clothes and at affordable prices!!

Southern Fried Chics

I also love Blue Door Boutique. I have ordered a few things from them and have been pretty happy with the items. I did have to return a few things because they just did not fit me like they did the model (don't we all have that problem). But overall, I love their stuff and for the price you usually get great stuff.

The Blue Door Boutique

I can't wait to look at where everyone else looks I need more ideas so I can find cute stuff once this baby comes out.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Major Catch-up

It's been several months since my last update. LOTS has happened!

First, we moved back to NC and are currently waiting to move into our new place. It's been a crazy journey to say the least, but we're blessed to be together and healthy so we're just praying things will work out in the end.

We've been staying between my parents in Myrtle Beach and a family friend in NC. So it's been a hectic time for all of us, but we are so lucky to friends and family who allow us to "squat" at their homes. hahaha

Our home in Colorado still has not sold nor rented, but we're optimistic that it will soon. Until then, we are making the best of our lives with tight finances. We could feel sorry for ourselves, be angry, or stressed but we realize that we are blessed beyond what we deserve. Some people do not have a home, yet we have two. Some do not have money because they do not have bills to pay, yet so we have so much to pay for so we are feeling blessed and know that God is always providing.

I have tons of photos to share, but they are all on my phone so I will upload soon.

Peighton is doing well. She's growing like a weed....I cannot believe she's 22 months already! Little Brother is growing as well. I'm 22.5 weeks and he's moving all over inside. We look forward to seeing him next week on ultrasound and hoping for a healthy check up.

Since we arrived in our transition states we have had one obstacle after another, but we're facing them with God at our side. Slowly things are getting better and we know our lives will reach a point of less ciaos....eventually. Until then, we will praise Him in the storm.

I will have a ton of photos to share once we are settled into our new place and have internet ;)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lots to catch-up on. Unfortunately, my computer crashed a while ago and once repaired I lost all my pictures so they are all on hubby's computer. So soon I will share photos. Here's what is new around here....

1. House is still for sale :( not going well, but now spring is here and we're hoping some recent changes with our listing will help!

2. Peighton is growing so big! She's talking up a storm these days. Some of the cute things she says:
"I'm stuck"....anytime she can't get up, get down, or get out of my arms she says this! SUPER CUTE!
"Do do do do do do" to the tune of Mickey Mouse...just love it!
"Hey girl!" (in the most southern way ever!) when she plays on her phone she pretends to say hey to someone...usually her friend Ellie.

3. We shared a few weeks ago on Facebook....Peighton is going to be a BIG SISTER! Complete surprise, shock, and unexpected....but, we're happy and excited. God felt we didn't need to try so hard for the next one I suppose.

4. My sister....having triplet identical girls! 29 weeks today! That's HUGE considering just 8 weeks ago they were saying she needed to deliver, her life was at risk, and her health was declining. God healed her and today she is still pregnant with three beautiful girls happily growing day by day.

5. Finally, my etsy shop has been doing so well lately. I had a small break, but back to work I go. I love every minute of it. I enjoy creating one of a kind items for people, party items, and much more. It's so much fun and I take pride in everything I make.

I promise to share photos soon! So so much more to catch up on with you all. Come back soon!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have been asked by a sweet friend to make her (absolute miracle) daughter's baptism dress. I feel so honored to be doing this for her. She has requested a simple dress so I've been researching ideas to start with.

Here are a few ideas I have so far...

This one I just absolutely love. Of course I would change a few things. Maybe add a ruffle at the bottom, do it in white of course, and take off the bow and put a pink one or a flower. But this is right along with the style dresses I have in my etsy shop.

Here's the second. Very simple and sweet. I could add a removable bow for photos. I would probably add a row of ruffle or lace at the bottom to add some character.
I know my friends little girl will look stunning in anything and I am feeling a little pressure to make sure it's perfect for her special day. I can't wait to get started! Thank you C for this wonderful opportunity!

Friday, January 25, 2013


I have been so absent from blogging lately. The only valid excuse is that hubby has been home for a month and just recently went back to work so it's been nice just relaxing with him and spending quality family time together. 

We visited my parents in Myrtle Beach in December and my in-laws in PA for Christmas. It was a much needed vacation and visit with our loved ones. 
We welcomed home another friend from Afghanistan. Praise the Lord! 

I've also been busy with this little cutie...

AND doing alot of sewing... I have filled MY ETSY SHOP full of cute and fun girly things!! 

My etsy shop has been kind of busy lately and I've had a lot of facebook orders so it's going well. Soon my shop will be a triple threat. My MOM is adding some of her jewelry to the shop soon! We will have color coordinating jewelry to go with some mommy dresses I have coming soon. I'll also have mommy and me outfits as well. This is going to be an exciting year for my sewing machine.

Oh and we still have our move coming up. Our home has officially been on the market 6 weeks. It's a very slow time for home buying so we've had a few good showings and received some great feedback so now we just wait for the right family to purchase our home :)

In Peighton news....

She will be 15 months this month! She had her check up today and she's growing perfectly :) She's a little above average for height and kind of petite on weight. She didn't get her shots because she has a small cold so next week she won't be as happy with me :( 
I still look at her and can't believe she's mine. God has truly blessed our lives with her and we are so grateful that He gave us the opportunity to be her parents. 

She is loving having her daddy home! They have tea parties, chase one another, play cars, and share a lot of giggles together. She's a totally different baby when daddy is around. She seems more secure and social. I guess she loves having us both together ;) 

Other than that, nothing to report. I will try to update more often....and especially more than just once every few months. 

God bless 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Christmas pictures

Peighton truly makes taking picture such an easy task. I guess all those pictures I took for daddy while he was gone has paid off. She posed, smiled, giggled, and enjoyed taking our family pictures. 

 During this picture she kept looking back saying "oooh" and laughing it was so cute! 
 I am so blessed to have a God-fearing hubby. He truly makes our family complete. I'm looking forward to the near future where deployments are no longer our life so I can enjoy him every single day. 

We have a little over a week before we leave for our 2 week Christmas vacation. We are so excited to be visiting both our parents' houses. The grandparents are equally excited to see Peighton. She is going to be very spoiled these few weeks. 

In other news, I think I mentioned this before but we finally put our house on the market and it's only been a week, but we are confident it will sell quickly. We have the upper hand in the market with a few extra things that other homes do not have in our area. So, let's pray someone needs a 3 car garage and 4th bedroom :) 

Peighton has been changing so much since Jeff came home. She is like a social butterfly. Perhaps she can feel my relief and that I'm not stressed anymore. She waves to everyone, allows others to hold her, talks to people, and is way more open to others talking to me now too. I guess all she really needed was her daddy. 

Here's a few things she's doing these days: (13.5 months) 
Sleeps all night (10-11.5 hours) 
No longer nursing/only whole milk 
Walking full-time 
Says "Ellie" (her bff) and "Elmo" her favorite book
She still dances with her booty...I'll have to get a video one day she has rhythm!
Says "Thanks" and "No" alot
Loves reading and will "read" 5-8 book to herself 
Touched snow yesterday for the first time and then whined because her hand was cold. 
Attempted to say "GiGi" (her grandma) instead we now call her "Cha Cha" 

Some other changes we've had around here are with our doggy, Chloe. 
She's only 3 and a few weeks ago I took her to the vet because I noticed something was wrong with her eyes. She was squinting and scratching them. So the vet suggested we remove two teeth in the back that were infected and that would solve the problem. She specifically said "your dog does not have diabetes, cataracts, or glaucoma" after a very expensive surgery I brought her home and over the weekend she went blind...completely! I brought her back to the vet where I was told she had glaucoma and if they had treated her immediately we could have spared her eyesight. So now, thanks to a crappy vet Chloe now has to take pain medicine everyday, eye drops 3 times a day, and cannot see at all. No more walks, no more playing with her toys, and a lifetime of blindness and pain. We struggled with a decision whether to put her down or see if she would adapt to the blindness well. She has adapted quite well even going in/out of the dog door, climbing the stairs in our house, and making her way around furniture. The hard part now is the financial burden of her medicine and medical treatments. But, she's such a happy lovable puppy that we decided to make the best of her life now and give her a good life despite her blindness. She still wags her tail, gets excited when we come home, and cuddles like before so she deserves to stick around. We also got some good news last week. The vet said the drops are working and the next refill will hopefully be her last so she will only be on pain meds which is a huge relief financially. 

So, that's all that is new in our lives. I feel so blessed to have my hubby home this Christmas and to be spending our Christmas holiday with our families. 

God Bless! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catching up....Photo versions

Well...lots has happened....first....

 Daddy came home!!!!!!!!
 She is so in love with her daddy! It was like he never left. What a blessing. I was worried she wouldn't remember him, but she did!
 We are ready for Christmas cards to be sent out!! We had our Christmas family photos taken by a dear friend who is so talented and will go very far with her new hobby :)

 I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas! We are going to be traveling lots and I probably won't update again for a while.
We also put our house on the market this week so we are praying for a fast sale so we can prepare for yet again another move thanks to the Army! But, we feel blessed to be moving closer to our families!

Have a blessed Holiday everyone !!