Friday, January 25, 2013


I have been so absent from blogging lately. The only valid excuse is that hubby has been home for a month and just recently went back to work so it's been nice just relaxing with him and spending quality family time together. 

We visited my parents in Myrtle Beach in December and my in-laws in PA for Christmas. It was a much needed vacation and visit with our loved ones. 
We welcomed home another friend from Afghanistan. Praise the Lord! 

I've also been busy with this little cutie...

AND doing alot of sewing... I have filled MY ETSY SHOP full of cute and fun girly things!! 

My etsy shop has been kind of busy lately and I've had a lot of facebook orders so it's going well. Soon my shop will be a triple threat. My MOM is adding some of her jewelry to the shop soon! We will have color coordinating jewelry to go with some mommy dresses I have coming soon. I'll also have mommy and me outfits as well. This is going to be an exciting year for my sewing machine.

Oh and we still have our move coming up. Our home has officially been on the market 6 weeks. It's a very slow time for home buying so we've had a few good showings and received some great feedback so now we just wait for the right family to purchase our home :)

In Peighton news....

She will be 15 months this month! She had her check up today and she's growing perfectly :) She's a little above average for height and kind of petite on weight. She didn't get her shots because she has a small cold so next week she won't be as happy with me :( 
I still look at her and can't believe she's mine. God has truly blessed our lives with her and we are so grateful that He gave us the opportunity to be her parents. 

She is loving having her daddy home! They have tea parties, chase one another, play cars, and share a lot of giggles together. She's a totally different baby when daddy is around. She seems more secure and social. I guess she loves having us both together ;) 

Other than that, nothing to report. I will try to update more often....and especially more than just once every few months. 

God bless 

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