Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm on the MOVE

I will be participating in a memory walk on Sunday, Sept. 7th, 2008 in downtown Honolulu to support Alzheimer's research and patients. I am asking that you take a moment to view my website and consider making a donation. Every penny counts! Though you may not know anyone or be affected by this horrible disease please consider the 5 million+ Americans who are fighting this disease everyday. According to statistics, over 16 million people will have Alzheimer's by 2050. Please help to change the direction of this disease.


God Bless! Leza

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just for Fun!

I love chocolate.
I am addicted to ice cream and pizza.
My favorite movie is "Legally Blonde 1 & 2"
I enjoy yoga (for now)!
My husband is my best friend.
I believe that you should treat people with respect ALL OF THE TIME.
I do not believe in revenge.
My friends are a true blessing.
God is everywhere and in everyone.
My best friend sacrifices his life.
Life presents challenges; it's how we react that makes us stronger.
Hawaii is a beautiful place; but it's time to MOVE on.
Children are a special gift; that someday I'll enjoy.
I think my life is just beginning.
People that I thought were my friends are now only acquaintances.
Everyday is something special; I soak up every minute!
I enjoy the sunset; especially at North Shore's Sunset Beach
I aspire to be what God invisioned when he created me.
My kids (dogs) are going through terrible three's....HELP CEASAR!
My parents are loving, understanding, fun, and talkative people.
I am not ashamed of who I have become; only wish I learned a long time ago.
I am learning that words are not concrete.
I have vowed to be faithful to God; that I shall be.
My life is forever changing and my heart is always growing.
FAITH is what I live for.
Who are you?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Definition of Friendship....per the Bible

"A friend loves at all times..." Proverbs 17: 17

"This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12

So I'm attacking this subject this week. I have learned through my own experiences the definition of friendship, but as I learn more and more from the Bible I am learning what He meant the definition of friendship to be. Many times I've found myself in a situation where I have given my all to a friendship and received nothing in return. Maybe I was selfish? Maybe I had the wrong thought of friendship? NO. God clearly states that you treat others as you would want to be treated; He also states that you love all the time. So, obviously I was not wrong. It's sad to think that many of my friendships have fallen-to-the-waste-side due to petty little problems. I have experience wonderful friendships in my short years here and I have made life long friendships that will last no matter how far away I Kris (love you). I have seen many friends fall to Satan's power and leave behind their faith. I have met new friends that need the word of God in their life and those who dismiss His word. My friendship as a Christian and believer will empower me to be a better friend. I've noticed in the last few weeks that many of my friendships are slowly disappearing. While I'm very disappointed in my "friends" actions, I am more disappointed that they are not following God's word of loving all the time. While I burnt many bridges in the past; I have mended 99% of them in the last few months. I have made peace with so-called Enemies and old friends. But recently, I have found myself questioning my definition of friendship. I thought to be a friend meant:

You be there for someone without words spoken, just actions to show your love.
You cry when that person is hurting; you smile when they are happy.
Friendship means putting your selfish needs aside to help your loved ones.

Well, apparently I was right. So, from this conclusion I am making a promise to my friends. Whether you consider me a "Friend" or not, I am promising to you to follow what God says in the bible. I will "love you at all times" and I will love you as He has loved you. Unfortunately, I cannot hide my pain of many friends recent actions, but I can move on and promise to be a friend even if your actions do not please me. Ive been working on different parts of my life and friendship is one of the most important aspects that I can strengthen. God has shown me great people and brought wonderful friendships into my life; so I will honor Him by treating these friendships with respect and love.

Can you say that you're doing the same?

This is what I ask myself each time I PASS an old friend, WALK BY someone I care about, GLANCE at a-once-close friend....I ask myself: How would God want me to love them? Am I showing them compassion and love that He would be proud of? Did I make someone smile today even though their actions did not make me smile?

I challenge you to do this as well. Put aside your fears of rejection, anger for mistakes, and try to make someone smile today. If you cannot do that, just say hello to someone (you may be making their day)!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spiritual Savings Account

For every 7 prayers, you don't get a blessing!

Recently I heard someone talk about how they feel like when they ask God for something they have to "Fill up" on good deeds to make up for that one blessing. Well, this got me thinking. Your relationship with God is not a savings account. Just because you ask for something does not mean that you have to do something to get what you asked for. God is better than Santa he knows when you're being good and when you're being bad. I feel sorry for this person because they believe that God does not give unless you do something worthy of his gifts. Ever looked at your child and thought "what have I done to deserve this blessing"? Well, it's not something you did. Our God is so giving and so loving that He blesses you with many "things, people, friends, etc" just because He loves you.

I named this post "Spiritual Savings Account" because I think some people believe that each time they pray they are adding to their "account" with God and that leaves them with opportunities to ask for something. While this sounds logical for our real account it's not at all what God wants us to feel. When I ask God to bless someone or bring someone home to me...I am not "withdrawling from my account". He loves me no matter how many times I pray, how many times I go to church or dont go.... I believe that God will bless your life in many ways that you may not recognize as a blessings at that time. For example, while I miss my husband dearly each time he deploys I know that it is a sort of blessing.

Seperation brought strength to our marriage....God Blessed us!

I made great friends who filled in my empty time without Jeff....God Blessed me!

Opportunities of school, work, fun, life were made while he was gone....God Blessed Me!

My health and lifestyle become healthier....God blessed me!

So you see, our life is not a savings account filled with "thank yous" to God, prayers thanking Him for items; He simply blesses us because it makes Him happy to see us blessed. God will continue to give you what you ask for as long as you believe that He is the reason for your blessings. So to that girl (you know who you are) who believes that she has to complete one more good deed to get that prayer answered; please understand that Our Lord Savior is so happy to bless you, He recognizes the good/bad in everyone and will continue to give your life many blessings as long you live. Even when you do not recognize the sudtle blessings He remains the giver. He will not punish you for forgetting to pray He will answer your prayers and your requests. Here is a verse that backs up my post:

"And we are confident that He hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him. And since we know He hears us when we make our requests, we also know that He will give us what we ask for." 1 John 5 14-15 NLT

My prayer request for this week is that we think of the people who struggle with prayer. Those who are not aware of what to ask for, how to ask or how to thank Him. I hope that someone reaches out to those who are seeking God's word, but cannot find the beginning.

God Bless!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Prayer Request


Jessie is doing great. Yesterday her doctor told me "it went better than expected". What was suppose to be a minimum of 3 hours took only 1.5 hours to complete. She was out of surgery by 2:00 and in recovery until 6:00 last night. She's doing great today. With a little pain medication, her soreness is getting better with each passing hour. She has pretty much been trying to sleep all day so she only gets up when she needs to use the restroom. Thank you for your prayers. Many of you emailed me asking how she was doing...and I'm happy to report she is doing great. I stayed with her last night so her dogs along with Lucki & Makai had a great time entertaining each other. Her dogs are getting a little annoyed by Lucki & Makai's endless energy, but eventually they gave in and joined a game of tug of war. So thank you for your prayers I knew He would make everything ok.

Today I have a prayer request, not for myself, for a close friend of mine. About 7:30 this morning I dropped off my good friend Jessie to have a surgery that will hopefully (with prayer) increase her changes of becoming pregnant. She and her husband had been trying unsuccessfully to concieve when a doctor found something that may be the cause. So, I left the hospital around 11:00 am I said a prayer over her and asked "are you feeling anything"...she said very normally "yes" then she said "YEEEEEEEEEEssssss" so I know she's feeling great. I last saw her at 11:25 with her eyes rolling in the back of her head and she was smiling from ear to ear. So I just ask that my friends and those who believe in the power of prayer to lift her up and pray for the doctors and a quick recovery. Her surgery should last about 4 hours so hopefully in about 4 -6 hours she will be out and ready to come home.

I know many of my blog visitors are wonderful people and I know through your prayers her surgery will be ok and just add in your prayer that this creates the miracle they have been wanting for so long.....little junior Jessie & Travis.