Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Juicy Grape

*I'm not quite sure what is going on with my spacing so please be patient with me while I try to figure it out. **UPDATED** Thank you Stef for showing me how to fix it.

How far along? 9 weeks 1 day

Baby's size and stats? Baby is the size of a GRAPE. His/her fingernails are growing and bones are forming. He/she is one inch long!

Gain? Not completely sure. Doctor does not check everytime so I'm guessing 1-2 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yes, I bought a few pairs of maternity pants and they are sooo comfortable. My stomach is very bloated and I feel like I look 6 months pregnant so these pants are awesome. I am planning to purchase a belly band so I can wear my work pants a little longer.

Sleep? I have been sleeping great lately. I bought a body pillow today so I'm hoping that helps with my back issues. Laying only on my left side is taking it's toll on my hips.

Foods I am/ am not loving? Still hate meat. Loving fruit and yogurt. I walked down the bread aisle today and was ready to bread is out!

Best moment this week? Reaching 9 weeks and having lots of least i know something is going on in there.

Symptoms/Emotions? I've been very emotional (I blame it on the shows I watch, thanks alot Army Wives). I seem to have alot more nausea these days, and yesterday I started having a headache and it has yet to disappear.

Gender? I'm still voting on boy, but praying for a healthy girl OR boy.

What I'm thankful for: Friends who share my joy. Friends who are pregnant along with me. Family who are very supportive and a husband who is very understanding of my outrageous-sometimes-ridiculous emotional breakdowns.

Prayer Requests: This is one is a little selfish, but I could really use prayers. I had a small scare yesterday and I could really use prayers that God will take away my anxiety and allow this baby to grow!!

**Since last week was our last ultrasound, I promise to start posting belly pictures soon. Jeff is still gone in the field so when he gets back we will start taking belly photos.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

9 weeks

I planned to post my usual weekly update, but I'm exhausted today. I freaked myself out today and it left me exhausted so I'm going to attempt to get a good night's sleep and update tomorrow. P.S. Thanks for the vote on Baby S' sex....I'm so curious to see who is correct....I still vote boy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Boy or Girl?

1. This website had you answer a few questions regarding your hair, your cravings, your nails, morning sickness, etc. My results were 80% boy, 20% girl....this one may Jeff's favorite.

2. I did the next one and it said quite the opposite....35% chance of boy and 65% chance of girl....and here's why it says that.... And Here's Why...

You are carrying the extra weight out front, so it's a boy.

The hair on your legs is not growing any faster during your pregnancy, so it's a girl.

Girls are carried high. You are going to have a girl.

Sleeping in a bed with your pillow to the south indicates that you will be having a girl.

Your feet are not colder than they were before pregnancy.

You are having a girl.You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread.

You are having a girl.Dad-to-be is gaining weight right along with Mom-to-be, which means that you'll have a boy.

The maternal grandmother has gray hair, so a boy will be born.

You had morning sickness early in pregnancy, so you are expecting a girl.

You are not looking particularly good during pregnancy. Therefore, it must be a girl, because girls steal their mother's looks.

Your chest development has been quite dramatic during pregnancy. You should expect a girl.

Since the sum of the mother's age at conception and the number of the month of conception is even, it will be a boy.

Your urine is a dull yellow color, so you will have a girl.

You have a craving for salty or sour foods, which means that it is a boy.

Your nose hasn't changed during pregnancy, which indicates a girl.

You have been craving fruits, so it is a girl.

Your baby's heart rate is below 140 beats per minute, so it's a boy.

*I think some of these questions may/may not have been answered truthfully....but, not on purpose.

3. According to the Mayan Tale, you add the mother's age at time of conception to the year (so 26+2011=2037) if the number is odd, you're having a boy. If it's even, you're having a girl. Clearly, we see the boy won again!

4. According to the Chinese gender chart (dad says "when did you become Chinese) I conceived at 26 and during the month of Feb so we must be having a boy. Jeff's wish seems to be winning.

So, no need to continue we can all see who won the majority here. I would love a little girl, but (like I mentioned before) I have a "feeling" it's a boy. I know Jeff will love having a little mini-Jeff to share his love of hunting, baseball, fishing, and xbox with. :) But, oh boy how much fun would a mini-Leza hair bows, pink dresses, pink bedroom, pink EVERYTHING! I would be in pink heaven :)

Don't forget to cast your vote on the right you think we have a girlie girl or a macho boy?

Only 9.1 weeks until we find out!!! June 1st hurry up!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Sweet Raspberry

Today we had our 8 week ultrasound. Baby is measuring exactly to my count...8 weeks 1 day. Doctor has me at 7 weeks 6 days, but I know when I ovulated so we're going with baby. He insists on keeping my due date 11/4...still my birthday, but who really has it on their due date anyway?

I feel a little jipped because I was not able to see much from my angle. Jeff could see alot and said he could almost make out where the face is forming. We saw a strong heartbeat (doc says between 140-150 bpm) but his machine was not sophisticated enough to determine that I guess.

Dr. L said everything looks great and we'll be back in 4 weeks (for 12 week check-up). He said this will most likely be the last ultrasound until 18 weeks unless I have some bleeding so I'm just fine with it being the last if that means no bleeding.

The 2nd best part of the day....Jeff got to go with me! He said it was the best birthday gift ever and he was grinning from ear to ear all day. Sadly, he had to go back to work until tomorrow night, but it was awesome to experience that with him.

So, for your viewing is Baby S at 8 weeks 1 day. (I was a little disappointed because I could not tell what anything was so doc had to draw us a figure to explain everything...I felt stupid.) But, it was cute and now I can tell what everything is.

Baby is hanging upside down basically looking down. The arrow on the left is the butt (cute already) and the arrow on the right is the crown of the head so the baby is kind of curled up. This picture does not do it justice, because if you look closely you can see tiny little legs.

We are looking in to buying a doppler so we can hear the heartbeat and we already looking forward to playing music on my belly :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Sweet Raspberry

How far along? 8 weeks
Baby's size and stats? Baby is the size of a RASPBERRY and a total of .5 inch. Baby's ear lobes are developed and he/she begins to wiggle his/her arms and legs this week.

Gain? I have gained 1 pound so far. (But we'll verify tomorrow at my appt.)
Maternity clothes? Nope, not yet. I did wear a pair of maternity pants the other day and they were soooo comfortable! I may be putting on more of those sooner rather than later. :)

Sleep? I'm sleeping ok just waking up to pee every few hours.
Foods I am/ am not loving? Still can't imagine eating any meat right now. I am starting to tolerate sweets (probably not a good thing). I've been trying to eat alot of yogurt, milk, and cheese since I'm not getting alot of protein from meat.
Best moment this week? My ultrasound tomorrow! I am over the moon excited. (Just wishing my hubby could join me).
Symptoms/Emotions? I am surprisingly not that emotional this week. I'm napping alot! It's probably because it's Spring Break, and my newest symptom (can't remember official term), but Heidi Murkoff's book describes it as itching of the palms and feet from increased blood flow and combination of estrogen/progesterone hormones. So, I'm not complaining although it's very uncomfortable. I have to believe that means something is going right in there!
Gender? Not quite sure yet. 83 more days! I have a "feeling" it's a boy.
Milestones: Making it to 8 weeks!

I am so thankful for a husband who shares my excitement and a God who answers prayers. Each time I begin to worry or think of "what-if's" He gives me a gentle reminder that He is in control and I can relax.

*I will post a picture tomorrow after my 8 week ultrasound. :)

Prayer Request: I do have a prayer request for a tww friend. I shared a very close due date with another girl and this weekend she lost her baby. Please pray for her and her husband as they begin to try again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Duggars!

Yesterday I had an incredible experience. A dear friend (I won't be like your mom C and embarass you by your celebrity status) got 5 tickets to visit Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. They were hosting some very special guests, THE DUGGARS! It was so much fun and I got to go with some great friends!

First, in true Lily & Leza form we arrived to the event several hours early (some things are worth standing in line for we believe). We visited the book store to purchase their book and get a good place in line. We got great seats in the 7th row!
The event began with Michelle & Jim Bob introducing their family followed by a few beautifully rehearsed songs and violin playing. They are all so talented even the smallest of them had tiny violins that looked like they came out of a cracker jack box.

Then, Jim Bob & Michelle told us their life story. I've heard it several times and it still gives me chills. Their devotion to Jesus Christ and their faith is admirable. They gave great advice for newlyweds, marriages, raising children, financial freedom, and family. They shared their favorites verses from the bible and verses that impacted their lives. Towards the end of the story (which lasted about an hour) they had a Q&A session. They did not ask my question (but got very close to Lily's question), but I did win a gift bag from them....with their book (that I bought 2 hours previously) and their 2 seasons of 17, 18 kids & Counting!

Then, the best part came! A meet greet with the family. We got our books signed by almost all of the Duggars...even GRANDMA DUGGAR! I was so excited to meet them. While standing in line (which lasted 3 hours) we were interviewed for the show. I'm not sure if we'll make the cut, but it would be so awesome if so! We even had to sign a release to appear on the show. We were all in shock when they asked us questions that we didn't really know what to say or how to answer them...kind of embarrassing. They asked us who our favorite Duggars are and I said "Josh & Anna" and then when I got to meet them I was so thrilled! Lily took some awesome pictures of me with them, but I will share those later. Anna even complimented me on my necklace (which I made) and then made a hint that her birthday was coming up, so she may be receiving a gift from me very soon. We even got to be a part of the crowd that said "Coming up on 18 kids & counting" that plays during commercial breaks.

Overall, it was a great experience. They are an ordinary (ok maybe a little bigger), talented, christian family that serves God, shares His word, and shares their story of how He has blessed their lives. What an inspiration! I can't wait to see this episode (they should would most likely be in April or May). P.S. They are skiing tomorrow so that will be VERY interesting to see how that goes with all those little ones and all that energy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Little Blueberry

How far along? 7 weeks
Baby's size and stats? Baby is the size of a blueberry! His/her fingers and toes are growing this week! AND that beautiful little brain is growing growing growing!
Gain? Nothing so far
Maternity clothes? Nope not yet
Sleep? Sleeping like a baby between toilet visits.
Foods I am/ am not loving? Well, I've gained a new hate for meat. Any kind just does not look good, smell good, taste good, nor seem good right now.
Best moment this week? Reaching 7 weeks (I've never made it further than 6 weeks 2 days)
Movement? Wayyy too early, but really looking forward to it.
Symptoms/Emotions? I am very emotional....cry about everything or tear up anyway. I also got so mad and stressed about something yesterday that I cried....alot. (My poor mom had to hear me cry since Jeff is not home this week).
Gender? Praying for a healthy baby either way! Take the poll on the right side of my blog and give me your guess. I did a new gender guess online and it said we shall see.
Milestones: Having the awesome task of telling all our friends and family that we are expecting!
What I'm thankful for: A mom who listens to me all the time even when I'm (probably, but won't admit it) being unreasonable, a husband who cares about me feeling sick, but celebrates along with me and friends who are oh-so-awesome! I love my SC/GA girls who always check up on me.
90 more days until we find out if we have a mini Jeff or mini Leza!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 weeks 6 days

Tomorrow I will officially be 7 weeks...and finally surpassing the farthest I've come with my other pregnancies. I'm posting today because I know I'll be super busy with church and sleeping tomorrow.

Horomones....that's what is running my life right now. I cry. I cry about everything. I stress. I stress about almost everything. I feel like I cannot control the tears and that's just....embarassing. But, I have to admit in some weird way it feels good to let it all out.

I had a very stressful day today. I can't say details (nothing to do with the pregnancy) just life in general. Work. Army. Bills. Future. You know, anything to stress about...I did. But, after a long tear-filled talk with my momma dearest I feel a little better.

As far as baby & I, we're doing great. Something different everyday. Luckily my morning sickness was a one time far. I do, however, feel very very sick if I do not eat the moment my stomach feels empty. I spend most of my day snacking. But, luckily for me and baby I do not want any sweets (doesn't mean I don't sneak any) and meat....just make me gag now please. I made meatloaf tonight and did not eat a bite. The thought of meat just makes me...well, gag. I was cutting up raw chicken a few nights ago and it reminded me of sushi...another ew! So, as long as I have fruit, fruit snacks, toast, or juice handy I'm ok. I think I may need to install a cooler in the Jeep so I don't have moments like this on the way to work.

Last night I had my first experience with "crazy-real-life" dreams. I had a dream that I was in labor and the doctor wanted to do a c-section because I was not progressing quickly enough and my mom was standing in the corner telling me not to do it. So I somehow convinced the doctor to let me try a little longer and sure enough...I diated to 9.5 and started pushing...then woke up. But, I also had a dream that someone came in to our school (where I work) and had a gun and began shooting and I was locked in a room with no way scared me so much I woke up at 4am and did not go back to bed. :( Not fun when sleep is so precious to me.

I don't have a belly picture to share yet. I plan to do it after our next ultrasound when I'm 8 weeks. Right now it's just bloat from all the water I'm drinking.....oh, that's another subject. H2O....I hate water! It has no taste, it's nasty, and it's always made me gag...even more now. So, I am forcing myself to drink 64 oz of water a day. How do I do it? Well, a wise woman (ok my mom) told me to eat crackers or something with it. So, I literally and that's all I can do for now.

Until then....I'll do my weekly update similar to last week's tomorrow....if I have the energy.

Thank you everyone for the sweet words, prayers, and support. We are so excited for this chapter of our lives and we know it will bring many happy memories.

God Bless!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Sweet Pea

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound. Baby is measuring right on schedule at 6 weeks 1 day with an estimated due date of: 11/4/2011....also known as MY BIRTHDAY! Here is the picture from this recent visit. Baby is located between the two plus signs. The heartbeat was super fast and awesome to see. Dr. L said it was faster than mine so that must be good, because my heart was RACING!! We go back in two weeks (on Jeff's birthday) for another ultrasound and I hope we get to HEAR the heartbeat at that appointment.

I plan to update on here each week for my family (Hi mom) and fans (Hi Sam). I'll keep everyone updated!
I'm using the layout from two of my favorite blogs:
How far along? 6 weeks 1 day (when I originally wrote this).
Baby's size and stats? .46cm (the size of a sweet pea) This week he/she is forming their eyes, ears, nose, and limbs.
Gain? Nothing so far (probably b/c morning sickness takes it all)
Maternity clothes? Nope not yet
Sleep? Sleeping like a baby between toilet visits.
Foods I am/ am not loving? I am NOT loving sweets, not loving chocolate at all, soy milk is driving me nuts, and I'm always always craving italian food!
Best moment this week? Seeing our baby's heartbeat
Movement? Wayyy too early, but really looking forward to it.
Symptoms/Emotions? I have morning sickness (or middle of the night sickness if properly termed), lower back ache, dizziness, and nausea if I go too long without eating. Emotions have not been too far out there yet. I do cry alot though. My mom made me cry the other day, my husband made me cry (not in a bad way), and someone at work made me tear up. BUT, I haven't seen many negative emotions either.
Gender? Praying for a healthy baby either way! (There are bets out there, mom says girl, dad says boy, Jeff says boy, I say boy too, but I'd looove a girl)
Milestones: Morning sickness! I have been asking for it and now I have it! But, it will be sooooo worth it in 8 months.
What I'm thankful for: All the prayers our family & friends are sending up to God himself. Feeling so blessed these days! A great friend who accompanied me to my first ultrasound while hubby is away.