Wednesday, March 30, 2011

9 weeks

I planned to post my usual weekly update, but I'm exhausted today. I freaked myself out today and it left me exhausted so I'm going to attempt to get a good night's sleep and update tomorrow. P.S. Thanks for the vote on Baby S' sex....I'm so curious to see who is correct....I still vote boy.


Erin said...

Happy 9 weeks!

Amy said...

It's amazing how exhausting pregnancy can be~especially the first trimester! While I'm leaning toward a boy, I know how much you want a "mini-me" so I'm gonna cast my vote for a girl. I was so sure with both of mine though and I was wrong on both counts, so maybe my boy feeling will turn out to be a girl for you. Let's hope so! One last thing...please feel free to add my blog to your "Blogs I Love to Read." :)

Leza said...

Hey Amy if you can send me the link to your blog I will add it. For some reason my internet is not working properly so my search bar will not show what webpage I'm looking at so I can't copy and paste it to save it as a favorite. I do follow your blog though :)

Thank you Erin!