Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Sweet Raspberry

Today we had our 8 week ultrasound. Baby is measuring exactly to my count...8 weeks 1 day. Doctor has me at 7 weeks 6 days, but I know when I ovulated so we're going with baby. He insists on keeping my due date 11/4...still my birthday, but who really has it on their due date anyway?

I feel a little jipped because I was not able to see much from my angle. Jeff could see alot and said he could almost make out where the face is forming. We saw a strong heartbeat (doc says between 140-150 bpm) but his machine was not sophisticated enough to determine that I guess.

Dr. L said everything looks great and we'll be back in 4 weeks (for 12 week check-up). He said this will most likely be the last ultrasound until 18 weeks unless I have some bleeding so I'm just fine with it being the last if that means no bleeding.

The 2nd best part of the day....Jeff got to go with me! He said it was the best birthday gift ever and he was grinning from ear to ear all day. Sadly, he had to go back to work until tomorrow night, but it was awesome to experience that with him.

So, for your viewing is Baby S at 8 weeks 1 day. (I was a little disappointed because I could not tell what anything was so doc had to draw us a figure to explain everything...I felt stupid.) But, it was cute and now I can tell what everything is.

Baby is hanging upside down basically looking down. The arrow on the left is the butt (cute already) and the arrow on the right is the crown of the head so the baby is kind of curled up. This picture does not do it justice, because if you look closely you can see tiny little legs.

We are looking in to buying a doppler so we can hear the heartbeat and we already looking forward to playing music on my belly :)


Tracy said...

I am borrowing a doppler this time (and I borrowed one with Isaac.) It is such a wonderful thing to have, especially for someone who has had a few m/c.


Kelly Jo said...

So glad your appointment went well! That is awesome that your hubby got to go with you! I wish I would have had a Doppler early on before I could feel him move. Our l/o loves music! He goes nuts when we play it. Great picture, too!

Amy said...

The ulrasound picture is absolutely fantastic!! I'm so excited for you both and am keeping all three of you in my prayers. That is amazing that Jeff was able to go with you. God is so awesome!