Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Sweet Pea

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound. Baby is measuring right on schedule at 6 weeks 1 day with an estimated due date of: 11/4/2011....also known as MY BIRTHDAY! Here is the picture from this recent visit. Baby is located between the two plus signs. The heartbeat was super fast and awesome to see. Dr. L said it was faster than mine so that must be good, because my heart was RACING!! We go back in two weeks (on Jeff's birthday) for another ultrasound and I hope we get to HEAR the heartbeat at that appointment.

I plan to update on here each week for my family (Hi mom) and fans (Hi Sam). I'll keep everyone updated!
I'm using the layout from two of my favorite blogs:
How far along? 6 weeks 1 day (when I originally wrote this).
Baby's size and stats? .46cm (the size of a sweet pea) This week he/she is forming their eyes, ears, nose, and limbs.
Gain? Nothing so far (probably b/c morning sickness takes it all)
Maternity clothes? Nope not yet
Sleep? Sleeping like a baby between toilet visits.
Foods I am/ am not loving? I am NOT loving sweets, not loving chocolate at all, soy milk is driving me nuts, and I'm always always craving italian food!
Best moment this week? Seeing our baby's heartbeat
Movement? Wayyy too early, but really looking forward to it.
Symptoms/Emotions? I have morning sickness (or middle of the night sickness if properly termed), lower back ache, dizziness, and nausea if I go too long without eating. Emotions have not been too far out there yet. I do cry alot though. My mom made me cry the other day, my husband made me cry (not in a bad way), and someone at work made me tear up. BUT, I haven't seen many negative emotions either.
Gender? Praying for a healthy baby either way! (There are bets out there, mom says girl, dad says boy, Jeff says boy, I say boy too, but I'd looove a girl)
Milestones: Morning sickness! I have been asking for it and now I have it! But, it will be sooooo worth it in 8 months.
What I'm thankful for: All the prayers our family & friends are sending up to God himself. Feeling so blessed these days! A great friend who accompanied me to my first ultrasound while hubby is away.


LisaB said...

Aww yay! Congrats!!! :-)

Kelly Jo said...

I'm a fan, too! I've been waiting for an update. Congratulations on a fantastic appointment and morning sickness! I'm guessing BOY for you! Have a good weekend, pretty mama!

Tracy said...

Oh my!!! how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MamaMia said...

So happy for you guys! I lurk here all the time. It'll be exciting to keep up with your pregnancy this way and to get to se you grow week by week!

Erin said...


Raul, Lily and Mason said...

yaayyyy its out!!! lol so i see your saying boy now :) so im hoping a noodle craving will start soon

Leza said...

Thank you everyone soooo much! I know it's still really early to tell people, but I knew if I did I'd have even more people praying.

Thank you thank you thank you! I can't wait to update each week and watch our baby grow.

Lily-keep dreamin'. No noodles here. So far, the only thing I want is spaghetti and fruit. lol

Sam said...

FINALLY an update! lol :P And I love the shout outs! I will do a shout out in my next post hehe just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to spill the beans should someone hop over to my blog or something!

YAAY congrats again!! Cute first baby pic!! I'm going against the crowd and saying girl ;)

Kelly Jo said...

I am glad you told everyone... extra prayers never hurt! Looking forward to your weekly updates and pictures! Not much longer until your next ultrasound!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture!! :)