Sunday, October 28, 2012

More party pics

Here are a few more pictures from Peighton's party last night. Thanks to my friend Amanda for taking so many great pictures for us. 

Smash cake time and daddy was able to watch us and sing Happy Birthday with us as well. 

 She was very interested in my friend's baby who was in her car seat. Peighton loved playing with her and later I put her toy in the carseat for her to play with. She got a kick out of that. 

 Each child got a personalized mickey/minnie cup from Peighton :) 
 She was quite the social butterfly yesterday and enjoyed all of her friends :) 
 Picture of the party favor table. Personalized cups, Mickey ears, and bubbles. 

 I couldn't decide which pictures to print so I made a collage instead 

 She was so excited Mickey came to the party 
 We had a sweets bar for people to fill a bag and take home. We had marshmallows, cupcakes, cookies, whoppers, and lolli pops. 
 She did enjoy her cake....very much! 

Once again, it was the greatest party I could have ever dreamed of for our little girl. I don't know how I will top it next year, but it will already be better because her daddy will be home:) Hope you enjoyed the pics. I will share more soon. God Bless 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Minnie Mouse Party

Today was Peighton's birthday party! It was fabulous and everything I could have hoped for her. Daddy was even able to skype with us and sing happy birthday, watch her blow out her candle, eat her cake and watch her open her gifts. So many great friends came to celebrate our baby girl's 1st birthday. I am so thankful for the friendships we have been able to make when we are so far from our families. They truly make being 1500 miles from home easier.

First I have to share this picture. It makes me laugh so hard. Her daddy always did this one pose when he was young that we affectionately call "the jeff" and here she is in a very candid moment doing the same pose. Just cracks me up.

 I have many many pictures to share, but unfortunately only a few of them came from my camera so I'm waiting for others to share. For now, here's a few from the smash cake moment! (she really didn't smash it like I expected her...more like eat the polka dots and with a little help from mom smashing her hand in the cake encouragement she did get to enjoy more of the cake.

For now, I'm going to rest my head on my very comfy pillow and hopefully get a full night of sleep. This was an exhausting, eventful, and FUN day. Goodnight and God Bless.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


When you were 1 month old....
You smiled at us for the first time. 

 At 2 months old....
we celebrated your first Christmas!
 At 3 months old....
You began giggling.
 At 4 months old....
You rolled over!
 At 5 months old....
You started sitting up by yourself.
 At 6 months old...
You began "talking" to me.
 At 7 months old...
You started to crawl!!
 At 8 months old....
You started to clap, sing, and stand up by yourself.
 At 9 months old....
You finally got two teeth!

At 10 months old....
You talk my ear off and sing like an angel! 

At 11 months old...
You finally use the sign language we've been working on...(you asked for "more", "juice", and "milk")

At 12 months old....
(pictures to come on Saturday after her party)


 1 year ago today my sweet baby girl was born at 4:31 pm and our lives changed forever. I can't even remember life before her.....
 Daddy's girl from the moment she was born. She has him wrapped around her tiny finger....
 She's growing into a beautiful toddler right before our eyes. I love you Peighton Joy. What a blessing you are to us!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our final summer fun...

This summer Peighton and I spent several months traveling and visiting family. We drove all the way to South Carolina to visit my parents, my grandma, a few of my cousins, a few great friends, and the BEACH! Here are a few photos....

My parents recently moved back to the beach so we visited several times, but here are a few pics from the last visit. 
 She had a great time playing with her bath toys in the sand :)  
 I managed to get one or two good pictures while we were there. But, she was not a fan of the cold sand in the morning.

 We got to see my Godmother Sue, Erin (my "sister"/bridesmaid), her daughter Ruthie, and my "aunt" Lorraine- it was so nice visiting and catching up with so many people. 

We ended our summer vacation with a trip to Howe's Cavern, NY (before a 3 day road trip, ER trip, sick baby, and lots of issues-that's for a later post) with my favorite Uncle's wedding. It was so much fun and a beautiful mini-vacation before returning to Colorado. Here are those pics.....

Peighton and I before the rehearsal dinner

My aunt and uncle were married at a beautiful location Howe's Cavern, NY. Everything was gorgeous and specially detailed for their personalities. My uncle is a "ghost hunter" and during the ceremony they lit a candle for several people (including my grandfather) who passed away. While they were doing this the wind blew and the candle would not light...the weather was gorgeous and no wind the rest of the ceremony...hmm

My new Aunt Krissy is a writer. At each table setting was a copy of her newest book and a very detailed program with stories about each wedding party member and stories about the couple. It was very refreshing to read about each person rather than wonder who they are or how they know your family.

The wedding location had so much for guests to do including zip lining, rock climbing, bat cave tours, and a restaurant and delicious fudge shop on location. There was plenty for everyone to do. 

 I got such a kick out of this phone. I did have to try dial tone :( 
 My wonderful parents before the wedding
 My daddy walking my grandmother down the aisle 
 The beautiful new Aunt Krissy

 Ok if you read my blog enough you know we're HUGE Yankee this one for my hubby. My second cousin Tim has a Yankee 2009 World Series Ring....I got to wear it :) :) 
 This picture was just for hubby. Put it on right near my wedding close as it can get to my heart :) (obviously not as close as hubby and Peighton) 
 4 Generations Photo Me, Peighton, My grandmother, My daddy
 Peighton was pooped....all these people, all this fresh air she was exhausted. This is my oldest sister and I. It was great to spend time with her and catch up and of course to introduce her to our miracle baby. 

I have tons of more pictures to share from our adventurous summer, but with a party to finish putting together for a certain special one year old I have to stop here for now. I'll share tons more in a few days. 

Goodnight and God bless