Sunday, October 28, 2012

More party pics

Here are a few more pictures from Peighton's party last night. Thanks to my friend Amanda for taking so many great pictures for us. 

Smash cake time and daddy was able to watch us and sing Happy Birthday with us as well. 

 She was very interested in my friend's baby who was in her car seat. Peighton loved playing with her and later I put her toy in the carseat for her to play with. She got a kick out of that. 

 Each child got a personalized mickey/minnie cup from Peighton :) 
 She was quite the social butterfly yesterday and enjoyed all of her friends :) 
 Picture of the party favor table. Personalized cups, Mickey ears, and bubbles. 

 I couldn't decide which pictures to print so I made a collage instead 

 She was so excited Mickey came to the party 
 We had a sweets bar for people to fill a bag and take home. We had marshmallows, cupcakes, cookies, whoppers, and lolli pops. 
 She did enjoy her cake....very much! 

Once again, it was the greatest party I could have ever dreamed of for our little girl. I don't know how I will top it next year, but it will already be better because her daddy will be home:) Hope you enjoyed the pics. I will share more soon. God Bless 

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