Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catching up....Photo versions

Well...lots has happened....first....

 Daddy came home!!!!!!!!
 She is so in love with her daddy! It was like he never left. What a blessing. I was worried she wouldn't remember him, but she did!
 We are ready for Christmas cards to be sent out!! We had our Christmas family photos taken by a dear friend who is so talented and will go very far with her new hobby :)

 I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas! We are going to be traveling lots and I probably won't update again for a while.
We also put our house on the market this week so we are praying for a fast sale so we can prepare for yet again another move thanks to the Army! But, we feel blessed to be moving closer to our families!

Have a blessed Holiday everyone !!

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Tracy said...

Yay for a homecoming!!!