Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marriage Retreat 2011

Last weekend Jeff and I were able to attend a marriage retreat sponsored by the Army. The retreat was called "strong bonds" and focused on the "5 Love Languages" by Dr. Chapman. It was a relaxing weekend focusing on strengthening our marriage and relationship.

Peighton went along with us and enjoyed swimming in a pool for the first time and getting her very own Lambchop doll...which as you can see below she loves...she usually smiles when Lambchop talks to her.
Next week...this little cutie will get to meet Santa and hopefully will smile for a picture :)
We attempted to take a few family pictures in front of the beautiful tree in the hotel lobby, but I learned my lesson in attempting to take pictures with a 6 week old and everyone looking good so we aimed for individual pictures.

I love waking up to this beautiful face every day!
She sported her new zebra shoes this weekend too!
Oh, and her new adorable ruffles outfit from Auntie Debbie!
We had a great weekend and learned many ways to have a long lasting marriage.

Next week we are having Peighton's 2 month pictures made....I can't believe I just typed that....2 months already!!

Until next time.....God bless.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Girl's Best Friend

6 weeks

Peighton Joy is already 6 weeks old! I do not know where time has gone. Since Jeff got home and I have a helping hand time has flown by so quickly.
Napping and bed time has changed....A LOT around here.
Our sweet princess has realized that she runs the house now she decides when we sleep and IF we sleep.

She loves to nap and sleep cuddling with us or in our laps. She used to be so good about putting herself to sleep in her cradle and I'm determined to get her back to that routine. We had a few rough nights recently, but last night was good and I'm hoping to go back to the routine we did when it was just her & I and hopefully that will get her back in to the "sleeping all night" groove. Our routine recently was bath, feeding, and reading then bedtime (usually between 8-10), but when it was just us two I kept her awake with me until about 10 then we went upstairs and I fed her in the complete dark and put her in the cradle after nursing and let her fall asleep on her own. I think the excitement of the bath and reading kept her awake and we would pick her up and let her sleep on our chests and that is just not working anymore!

In other "first" news, we decorated our house for PJ's first Christmas. She just loves the lights and her daddy....as you can tell by the smile on her face :)
I just love her sweet innocent face. She is changing every day and looking more like her daddy :) which I love so much. Who wouldn't want to look at this sweet face all day?
Last week I started putting her in her room in the crib for naps. She did great! She slept for several hours and then woke up and just played with her hands for about 15 minutes until she was ready to be entertained again. I am dreading the day she sleeps in her room on her own.
Today was a relaxing day at home with mama. She took a short nap with daddy (he worked a 24 hour shift last night) and she has been awake ever since (this is huge in our house-she likes to sleep almost 10-12 hours a day).
We have a fun-filled weekend coming up and will post lots of pictures after our special retreat as a family :)

until next time God bless!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


November 26, 2011

Peighton Joy, you are one month old today!
You are still wearing mostly newborn clothes and sometimes 0-3 months.
You are still wearing newborn diapers as well. We are occasionally putting you in size 1, but soon we will start using cloth diapers. They are a little big on you right now so your newborn clothes will not fit over the diapers.
You are a mostly content baby! Lately, you've wanted to be held...a lot. When you're awake, you're crying...a lot...unless you're being fed or entertained. Daddy & I try so hard to make you smile and happy, but because you're still new to the world you get a little upset and want to cry and that's ok...for now.

When you were 3.5 weeks old daddy finally came home from training. He was gone for 3 weeks and we are thankful he came home early and the army allowed him to spend 10 days at home with us...without interruption...almost.

Since you were 3 weeks old you have been sleeping through the night. Usually you're in bed between 9:00-10:00 pm and do not wake up until 5:00-7:00am and then go back to sleep until 9:30 am. We love watching you sleep. You are such a loud sleeper. You make these funny grunting noises and we are convinced you got that from our dog, Chloe. When you stretch and move to get comfy you look just like you daddy and have many of the same funny faces.

You have such a big personality already! You give us funny looks all the time that we can just tell what you're thinking and what kind of mood you are in at the time. You love to smile at your daddy and just stare at him when he makes funny noises and sings to you. When I sing to you, you usually fall asleep. You are easily entertained by daddy and when you're upset he's your man! You hate pacifiers unless we're in the car. When daddy is around he offers his pinky and you LOVE IT! None of my fingers seem to do the trick, but his works every time. I do not know how we will get by when daddy goes back to work.

Last Sunday was our first time taking you to Sunday morning service at church. You have been to Sunday evening service and Wednesday class. You wore this gorgeous dress that your great grandma gave you and you were not as content as we expected. The other services you attended you slept the entire time-I believe you were comforted by the singing and the loud speaker. Sunday morning, however, you were not so happy. As soon as we took our seats and the singing ended, you started to cry. We took you to the quiet room and daddy got you to sleep.

At your one month appointment yesterday, you weighed 10 pounds and you measured 21.5 inches. When you were born, we were told you were 22 inches so obviously someone measured wrong at your birth. I guess we will never really know your exact length at birth. The doctor gave you an A+ on health. Your measurements (length, weight, head) were all in the 55 percentile. The doctor said a baby that is perfectly proportionate is rare.....obviously you had to show off :) You met all the goals for a baby your age. You have been holding your head up since 2 weeks old. You are only having mommy's milk and I love the time with you. We get to bond, spend special time together and have lots of eye contact.
I cannot believe how fast the last month went already. You are growing so fast and becoming more beautiful every day. We love you more than you will ever understand. You are truly a miracle from God and we often remind ourselves that we did not do any work to make you-God did it all! You are loved and adored by so many friends and family. Your head full of hair and beautiful blue eyes attract attention everywhere we go :)

Our prayer for you is that you know God, we provide you with a loving home, and that you never feel alone. We love you Peighton Joy! Happy One Month Birthday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birth Story

I've sat down several times to write this, but then for some reason I hear a cry in the distance and can't finish...so here I go....

On Tuesday, October 25, I went for a doctor appointment and my blood pressure was a little elevated. This was the 3rd week in a row that it was high and the doctor was concerned it may turn in to preclampsia. So, he scheduled my induction for the next morning. That evening we went to a friend's house to enjoy dinner and a little rest before returning to the hospital since we live an hour away we wanted to be close just in case.... While we were there I started having contractions that were close together and stronger than ever before. I called the nurse and she said not to come in and just relax until they got closer together. Around 3am, I used the restroom and heard a "pop" sound. I looked in the toilet and only saw blood so I assumed this couldn't be my water breaking it was simply a large clot due to my doctor scraping my membranes earlier in the day. The nurse planned for us to call the hospital around 6am and see if our induction was still on the books or if it was booted for someone in active labor. I called at that time and we were cleared to come in. The previous night it snowed and was still snowing when we left for the hospital. Hubby had to scrape the windows and clear the mirrors so we could see three feet in front of us. On our way to the hospital we were both silent and imagining how much our lives were about to change. We held hands and kept asking each other "are you ok?" When we got to the hospital I told them I was having regular contractions and they confirmed that I was having very strong ones every 4-7 minutes apart. They started me on the lowest setting of pitocin, but after a few hours it made the contractions too strong and close together for the baby. The doctor finished rupturing my membranes (he confirmed that my water had a "slow leak" like a tire lol) I was already dilated and 90% effaced. We settled in and prepared for a long day of active labor. Around 1pm I was told that I could get an epidural and I was more than ready! This part was more than painful. For some reason, due to a curve in my spine the anesthesiologist had many difficulties....it took THREE TIMES to get it in place. That was by far, the worst pain in my life. It took over an hour to get it in place, but I was finally pain-free. I took a few naps and talked to hubby about what I wanted for my birth experience. (Ha-that would prove to be hilarious later).

In the meantime, I had an awesome nurse who was so attentive and caring. She checked me at one point and realized PJ's head was on the right side of my cervix and seemed to be stuck. She called upon another nurse for assistance. They started talking about their worries and fears of the cord "falling out" if I sat up or leaned forward. That was the scariest moment ever. When I asked what would happen if the cord did come out, she simply told me "we would have her out in less than 5 minutes and I would have to be wheeled down the hall all while the nurse held the cord inside". The two nurses put me in several positions. Moving me from my right to the left, back to my right, with a pillow between my legs, laying at a head first decline, and unfortunately nothing seem to make her move to the center of my cervix. She was also facing up and the doctor was concerned we would have a more difficult delivery that way so the nurses also tried to turn her over...she was not cooperative at all.

Finally after several hours of trying every possible position, Peighton was showing signs of distress. With each contraction her heart rate would decline a little at a time. She was never in serious danger, but when the doctor came in around 4:15pm and told me that a c-section was our best option I did not argue. The nurse left to bring Jeff scrubs and I had a moment of tears and fears. I was so scared, scared for Peighton and for myself. I was angry that my body would not let me do it the natural way...the way I wanted. But, another part of me was happy that I would be meeting my baby girl in the next few minutes. by 4:22 I was in the operating room. I remember asking when my husband would be allowed to come in the room and how long it would take to get her out. The doctor asked me what the capital of South Dakota was....to distract me from the incision. I yelled at him that "I really don't know right now". I remember not being the most pleasant person. I was thinking to myself "you should know you're the smart one" ha. Apparently my emotions were running high at the moment. Finally, after what seemed like forever (less than a few minutes) Jeff was able to come in the room. He sat beside me and within a minute at 4:31pm he said "Jeff do you want to see her come out". He stood up and I saw tears fall from his eyes and knew she was out. Within seconds, she was screaming. Jeff was by her side from the moment she was born. Finally after a few more minutes Jeff brought her over to meet me. They put her so close to my face that I couldn't even see her face. Jeff & the nurses took her to the nursery while I remained in the operating room. Around 5:05pm I was transferred to the recovery room. I hated being in there. I watched the clock like crazy and was so disappointed when only 2 minutes passed by.

Finally, after an hour in the recovery room and almost 2 hours after my baby girl was born I was wheeled to the mother/baby unit. They wheeled me by the nursery where I saw Jeff sweetly holding our babies hand and comforting her while they checked her and washed her. It was the sweetest moment I have ever seen. While I spent the last two hours feeling sorry for myself that I didn't get that "baby on the chest bonding moment" I knew this was good for my husband to have that time to bond with his daughter.

Finally, after 6:35pm.....two hours and four minutes after she was born I was holding Peighton Joy. She is perfect, so tiny and beautiful. She has her daddy's nose, his toes, his eyes, and his hair. Just pure perfection.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 1 Week Peighton

Two days ago Peighton Joy turned ONE WEEK OLD! I don't know where time has gone, but she's already growing up too fast for me.

Peighton, your first week was very busy. You spent a lot of quality time with grandma and grandpa. Daddy had to go to work for a few weeks so you're getting spoiled by them and your GeeGee. In your first week......

We went to babies r us...3 times.
Went to the mall.
Shopped at Target.
Had your first doctor appointment.
Took over 700 pictures of you.
Shopped at Sam's with grandpa (this was a lot of fun for him).
Slept through the night several nights in a row.
Your umbilical cord fell off (gross...but glad it's gone)

This was your first outing...we went to babies r us with grandpa and grandma.
The day you turned one week old.
You are truly a bundle of JOY!
You're getting used to bath time. You LOVE when your hair is getting washed. GeeGee was giving you a bath here and you loved it. You did so good....next bath will be in a real baby bath since you lost your umbilical cord.
You loved being swaddled your first few days of life and now you want your hands out so you suck on your fingers. You also play with your hands and tickle your cheeks.
We had to take grandma and grandpa to the airport and say goodbye. It was very hard and you did not want them to leave.

On your one week birthday, it snowed! It also snowed the day you were born, but of course we didn't get to go outside and enjoy it. We went outside for a picture and then rushed back inside because it was very frigid.

1 week stats:
Birth weight: 8 lbs 3 oz.
left hospital: 7 lbs 12 oz.
5 days old: 7 lbs 14 oz.
Next weight check: this afternoon...will update later.

You love to sleep. You sleep about 3/4 of the day right now. You even sleep through the night....sometimes.

You love when the dogs are playing. You sit and stare at them when they are growling and making lots of noise.

When daddy calls I put him on speaker phone (without him knowing) your eyes get so big and you just stare. You love your daddy's voice :)

I try to make you sleep on your back like all the doctors say, but you always turn to your side. So we make sure to snuggle you tight with blankets so you won't move.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


October 26, 2011
8 lbs. 3 oz.
22 inches

cuddling with grandma-day 2
Going home-day 3

She has a TON of dark, thick hair-just like her daddy & mommy at birth

Unfortunately, not the best pic of myself but in my defense I had an emergency c-section and was NOT happy about waiting 2 hours to see my little girl. But, our first family photo-a moment I will never forget.
Daddy taking care of his little girl while I was in recovery. He changed the first diaper, assisted with the first bath, and spent 2 hours bonding with our little girl.
She loves to be held this way by Jeff.

I have many many many more pictures of our angel to share. I will post more soon when I am feeling up to it.

God bless you all!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 39

This is our last week....

As just the two of us.
Uninterrupted movie night.
Sleeping in on weekends.
Sleeping in.
Going on spontaneous road trips.
Having ice cream for breakfast...just because we can.

As just Jeff and Leza.

In the next few days, we will be a family of THREE!

I will post one final belly picture this week. I have slacked and not taken any since week 36 so I really need to update with more pictures.

Last week's doctor appointment my doctor said I was still dilated the same, but had progressed to 95% effaced. I've started having a lot more pressure, but barely any contractions. The week prior to him stripping my membranes I was having contractions A LOT! It's like stripping membranes just made them STOP all together. I have my next appointment tomorrow to check my blood pressure, which has been an issue the last two weeks and I've been closely monitored. If my blood pressure remains high we will be inducing sooner than expected and if it is ok we will stick to the original induction day. I'm being induced for personal reasons that I wish not to discuss on the blog. There are many opinionated people out there who just do not understand our military lifestyle and I do not want my special day to be overshadowed by ignorant opinions.

My last appointment also showed that my potassium level was extremely low....it was a 3. The doctor seemed very concerned and immediately put me on a supplement and ordered that I eat at least banana a day. She said that if it goes below 3 I will have issues after birth so I'm taking her order seriously.

Other than those issues, this week is going to be great! Today I'm getting the house cleaned up so we can bring our baby girl home to a clean house and also because my parents are coming!!!! Jeff is leaving shortly after Peighton is born so my parents are coming for a week and then my mother in law will be here shortly after so for two weeks I'll have GREAT help and great company.

I was really hoping Peighton would come on her own and early like my doctor predicted, but apparently she's stubborn and already not listening to us. But, we are very excited and anxious to meet our little girl. So, hopefully the next time you all hear from me I will be introducing you to our precious Peighton Joy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

36 weeks....37 weeks.....

Thanks Tracy for reminding me.....

No baby yet :(

Last week at my 36 week appointment, Dr. L checked my cervix and I was a few cm dilated and 75% effaced and he could feel her head. I was not really having regular contractions so this surprised me. I did however, begin to have them this week. Sunday-Tuesday I was having them almost 15-20 minutes apart, but they were not getting stronger and were getting further apart. Tuesday evening they were about 6 minutes apart for 45 minutes and just as we were getting excited and ready to pack up they went to 10 minutes, 12 minutes, and then stopped. It was so disappointing. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 37 week check up and he plans to strip my membranes and hopefully that will get something started this weekend. We shall see.

I was hoping to post this week with pictures of our baby girl, but it looks like she might be hanging out for another week. Boo :( but good news is she will be here no later than 2 weeks from now so that gives me hope. I feel like I'm running out of room to spare for her now. She has not really slowed down on her movements either which what everyone keeps telling me is a sign she's getting ready, but I do have a few other clues that things are progressing. I'm really hoping that tomorrow Dr. L will say I'm 100% effaced and a few more cm dilated.

I did not take a picture last week. I was feeling rather non-photogenic and have not really taken the time to do my hair, makeup, or really get dressed other than the days I go to the doctor so maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow before my appointment....if not just for record keeping purposes.

Anyway, that's really all that is going on here. I have been spending a lot of time walking, sitting on the exercise ball (really bouncing), and trying to figure out how to get this kid out of me! If anyone has suggestions, I am willing to do almost anything....except castrol oil (the after math just does not sound pleasing).

I do plan to post baby girl's pictures from the hospital as soon as I comfortably can so stay tuned...maybe this weekend she will make her debut. Until then....God bless.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

35 Weeks

WOW! Where has time gone? It's almost October and I'm almost a mommy! I feel like we're so close to the finish line, but time is crawling like a snail....wait, didn't I just say time has gone quickly?! Well days are going quickly, but I feel like the part I'm anxiously waiting for is taking forever!

The past few days I've experienced the "nesting" phase. I want to clean sooo badly. Unfortunately, my vacuum is not working and that is driving me insane. I want to vacuum more than I've ever wanted to do before. We also had an unexpected issue come up with our sprinklers and while I normally wouldn't care about the outside (that's hubby thing) the water puddle in the backyard is driving me NUTS!

I also have been hinting around to hubby that I wanted to rearrange the living room (again) back to the way it was a few months ago and last night he willingly offered to do it...maybe he's nesting too! Our living room is cozy again and there is more room for the dogs and Roxy's kids to play.

I am definitely not nesting in the kitchen department. Lately (since month 2 of pregnancy) I have not wanted to cook. It got a little better a few months ago, but now I'm back to square 1 where the idea, the smell, and the work it takes to make dinner are just not something I want to do right now. Thankfully I have a great friend who is understanding and a great cook living with us....she cooks almost every day and it's always something my husband loves. I'm hoping once Peighton is here and I'm back to "normal" I will feel up to cooking again.

Pregnancy is something I have dreamed of experiencing for the last 3 years. I never thought I'd have the chance to experience it, but here I am! It's both rewarding and extremely hard at times. I have horrible pain in my hips, more than frequent urination, and back pain. I have to think though my pregnancy could be much much worse so my few complaints are nothing to be too upset about. The few weeks on "couch" rest were not horrible and actually allowed me to slow down.

So, there are no other updates and nothing new to report on....maybe next week's appointment will have some news to share :) Here is my weekly pic.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

34 weeks

I totally forgot to post a 34 week update last week....and sadly, I did not take a picture. But, here's my latest on the pregnant front:

1. I had a great 34 weeks visit with my doctor!

2. I only gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks....I don't want to gain anymore unless its strictly Peighton weight :)

3. We discussed possibly inducing me (for personal reasons I will not discuss at this time. No its not a scheduled c-section).

4. I'm excited and nervous for my next appt where Dr. L will strip my membranes to encourage natural labor.

5. My parents will be joining us to meet Peighton Joy! I am super excited to share this with my parents.

6. Jeff is preparing for Peighton in the sweetest of ways and I can't wait to see his face when he first meets his baby girl.

7. Sleeping is no more....already my body has prepared me for sleepless nights. I have such horrible pain in my hips, heartburn that does not go away no matter what side I sleep on, and back pain that is only explained by the 20 lb. belly under my shirt.

8. I've become nasal. All of the time.

9. Our bags are packed. She's welcome to come any time after next week. :) (wishful thinking I know....)

10. I've given in to caffeine. I have not had anything to drink with caffeine for 8 months and in the last week I've had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, a Cherry coke, and 2 cans of coke.

11. I'm having chest pains as I type this...maybe it's from the caffeine.

12. Peighton's movements are becoming painful. Maybe it's the caffeine lol.

13. I am now only able to fit in clothes that I should not be leaving the house in....the bottom of my belly hangs out...its not attractive.

14. Next week Peighton will be considered FULL TERM a.k.a. welcome to come anytime....mama is ready!

15. Even though Jeff & I got lost in the hospital last week and practically found our way around several floors....we are having our official hospital tour this weekend....super excited to see where Peighton will be born.

So that's all I have for now. My maternity photos did not work out so I am hoping to get a few shots this weekend, but it all depends on the weather. Most of my clothes no longer fit properly so I may be settling for a few photos taken at home with a sheet as the backdrop :)

Love you all! Looking forward to my 35 week update....tomorrow :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

My etsy

I finally added some things I made to my etsy shop. I'm hoping to add many more items, but going through all of my pictures is not that easy!

Plus, I need to retake a few photos since most of the photos were taken with my non-photographer skills :)

Anyway, check it out...pass it along!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

33 weeks

Yesterday Peighton turned 33 weeks! I can't believe how fast time is flying by now! Her hospital bag is packed and ready by her door. I still have to pack mine and make sure we have stuff for Jeff ready too. But, those things will happen in the coming weeks.

I've been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions while I'm attempting to sleep. It's also becoming very uncomfortable to change positions and when I do change sides I have pain somewhere....either my hip, legs, side, or instant heartburn. But, while I'm complaining it's also something I realize is going to pass and I'll forget all about when I have my beautiful daughter at home.

That's one thing I'm trying to get used to...saying the word "daughter". Hubby & I both constantly say "we're going to have a daughter" or "we're going to be parents". It's so surreal!

As we get closer to my due date I have all these things that are causing anxiety from wondering if my hubby will be here for her birth or if I'll be alone and then I worry that he will be here and he will pass out in the delivery room and miss everything...ha!

I have managed to wash all of her newborn-3 months clothing, bed sheets, blankets, socks, mittens, and bibs. Going through all of her stuff allows me to realize what we need and how blessed we are to have so many people who care and love for Peighton as much as we do.

We are starting to notice a difference in the dogs. Lucki has become even more protective of me and against the other dogs, which is new. Makai has become distant he does not really pay attention to me unless he's cold or I have food. Chloe and Buck are becoming more disobedient and ignoring commands. I am not afraid of any of the dogs being aggressive toward Peighton, but I do worry that they will be overwhelmed by the sudden change and will treat people differently...but, I guess we will see.

As far as feeling pregnant, this week has been very difficult. I spent a day cleaning last week which left me so sore I soaked in the tub for an hour and it did not make a difference. Needless to say, that night I did not sleep at all. Then, I got impatient and moved some things around that I should have let my hubby do which resulted in a pulled muscle in my side. Sometimes I forget I have this huge belly in front of me and that is why I do things that I probably should not be doing.

My heartburn has gotten a lot better and I only have it now if I drink juice (any kind), eat marinara sauce, pizza, or eat oranges. I still eat and drink all of those items though because life is just too short to avoid my favorite foods.

Ok, here's what you've all waited for...my belly picture for this week. This weekend I am planning to take my maternity photos. I'm hoping the weather is nice and we can find a nice spot that is feeling the effects of fall...I'm hoping to do a fall themed maternity shoot.

Until next time, God bless everyone and goodnight.
Many of the blogs I read started linking up to this weekly "The Simple Things in Life" so I thought I'd join too. I don't usually participate in these, but every once in a while it's great to appreciate the simple things.

The Simple Things

5. When my doggies do super-uber-adorable things. Makai's love for towels is so cute!
6. Being 33 weeks pregnant with my miracle baby.
7. Complaining that Peighton has not kicked enough today....only to follow with a huge jab to the ribs :)

Be sure to link up at http://jesslynamber.blogspot.com/ to share what you're thankful for this week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

College Football

I made a tutu for Peighton with my college colors and extra fabric I had left over. It turned out so cute and I'm super excited to see her in it. Since she will be about 3 weeks old when the Gamecocks play Clemson (my parents team) she will be sporting this for the game! Of course we can't attend it since we're across the country, but we'll definitely celebrate anyway! Hopefully my parents will be here to see her in it too :)

I had to take a break from sewing anything because of my stubborn sewing machine. Somehow it corrected itself over the course of a few days so I will have to continue a few more unfinished projects soon.

I will post my 33 week appointment later tonight...but the picture will have to wait. I forgot to take one today.