Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 39

This is our last week....

As just the two of us.
Uninterrupted movie night.
Sleeping in on weekends.
Sleeping in.
Going on spontaneous road trips.
Having ice cream for breakfast...just because we can.

As just Jeff and Leza.

In the next few days, we will be a family of THREE!

I will post one final belly picture this week. I have slacked and not taken any since week 36 so I really need to update with more pictures.

Last week's doctor appointment my doctor said I was still dilated the same, but had progressed to 95% effaced. I've started having a lot more pressure, but barely any contractions. The week prior to him stripping my membranes I was having contractions A LOT! It's like stripping membranes just made them STOP all together. I have my next appointment tomorrow to check my blood pressure, which has been an issue the last two weeks and I've been closely monitored. If my blood pressure remains high we will be inducing sooner than expected and if it is ok we will stick to the original induction day. I'm being induced for personal reasons that I wish not to discuss on the blog. There are many opinionated people out there who just do not understand our military lifestyle and I do not want my special day to be overshadowed by ignorant opinions.

My last appointment also showed that my potassium level was extremely was a 3. The doctor seemed very concerned and immediately put me on a supplement and ordered that I eat at least banana a day. She said that if it goes below 3 I will have issues after birth so I'm taking her order seriously.

Other than those issues, this week is going to be great! Today I'm getting the house cleaned up so we can bring our baby girl home to a clean house and also because my parents are coming!!!! Jeff is leaving shortly after Peighton is born so my parents are coming for a week and then my mother in law will be here shortly after so for two weeks I'll have GREAT help and great company.

I was really hoping Peighton would come on her own and early like my doctor predicted, but apparently she's stubborn and already not listening to us. But, we are very excited and anxious to meet our little girl. So, hopefully the next time you all hear from me I will be introducing you to our precious Peighton Joy!


Sam said...

Don't listen to negative people! I for one would do the same as you,if that makes you feel any better.

Enjoy your free time now! It's so different the first few weeks afterwards, so worth it, but just an adjustment. I'm told eventually it all evens out lol but I'm only 4 weeks ahead of you so I dunno ;) I can't wait to see the pics of Peighton, and the whole family! I can't believe how fast the last 9 months went! It feels like the purple toenails was yesterday! LOL

And remember, you want the epi! lol. Any q's you have, you know I'm always online ;)

Can't wait girl!

Tracy said...

95% effaced is amazing! I know it feels like every day is so long now. It seems unfair that the last days of pregnancy seem so slow, but the new baby days go so fast.

Amy said...

Wow~One week left!! Can't wait for your next update when we hear from you as a family of three. :)