Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'd like to thank my mom....

......for this hidden creative talent that I just

I've been planning a baby shower for a dear friend and in the process I found a few hidden talents. I think I might try to make some money from this after I make a few just for fun for friends....

Take a look...Here's what I've spent nearly 16 hours a day doing for the past week. Yes, my fingers hurt but this is soooo much fun. The green/blue tutu is my personal favorite so far...I've had 8 requests for these already.

Letters & tutu made for a very special little girls room.
Avangelina Grace Robinette

Some special little girl will be a lady bug this halloween and I'll have just the perfect tutu for her!

How about some funky feathers to spruce up this pink one?

Ok enough with the fabulous are a few additional items I've been working on...I'm addicted. I've made these for nearly all the babies I know and I even made one special one for my dad and father in law.

Some of the world's best future MVPs deserve a wall mount, don't you think?

For a sweet little girl in KY.

Every guy deserves to feel like a "man".

"A" for Ayden who likes froggies :)

For my daddy!

For my hubby, but I made another just like it for my father in law.

A few of the items all together.

For Miss Ava future Miss Tennessee

I've had a relatively successful weekend. I created many things for friends and I've even had a few items purchased. I think i found a new hobby/business venture.
If anyone sees something they would like just give me a buzz or email me I will be more than happy to make a personal plaque or tutu. (all tutus are only $ the way, and plaques are only $5).
God bless. I'll post more tomorrow once I have time to take more pictures.