Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'd like to thank my mom....

......for this hidden creative talent that I just

I've been planning a baby shower for a dear friend and in the process I found a few hidden talents. I think I might try to make some money from this after I make a few just for fun for friends....

Take a look...Here's what I've spent nearly 16 hours a day doing for the past week. Yes, my fingers hurt but this is soooo much fun. The green/blue tutu is my personal favorite so far...I've had 8 requests for these already.

Letters & tutu made for a very special little girls room.
Avangelina Grace Robinette

Some special little girl will be a lady bug this halloween and I'll have just the perfect tutu for her!

How about some funky feathers to spruce up this pink one?

Ok enough with the fabulous are a few additional items I've been working on...I'm addicted. I've made these for nearly all the babies I know and I even made one special one for my dad and father in law.

Some of the world's best future MVPs deserve a wall mount, don't you think?

For a sweet little girl in KY.

Every guy deserves to feel like a "man".

"A" for Ayden who likes froggies :)

For my daddy!

For my hubby, but I made another just like it for my father in law.

A few of the items all together.

For Miss Ava future Miss Tennessee

I've had a relatively successful weekend. I created many things for friends and I've even had a few items purchased. I think i found a new hobby/business venture.
If anyone sees something they would like just give me a buzz or email me I will be more than happy to make a personal plaque or tutu. (all tutus are only $ the way, and plaques are only $5).
God bless. I'll post more tomorrow once I have time to take more pictures.


K_L_C said...

Your stuff is adorable. You are so creative. I came to your blog by way of Kelly's Corner, and just wanted to tell you that the comment you left in response to her post last night was beautiful.
I've read a little of your blog and want you to know that my prayers are with you and your husband: for his safe return and for the growth of your family. I too suffered from infertility and know the frustration. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with KLC!! Your things ARE adorable and you're very creative and talented!! Keep up the good work!! I have a good feeling you will sell a lot if people find your blog and just take a look!! :)

Donna from E. Texas