Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THE Secret Baby Shower I've been working on....

I wanted to share some pictures from the baby shower I was secretly organizing for one of my best friends, Jessie. It was a wonderful success with so much love in one room for this baby it was exhausting...literally, I slept for 14 hours the next day. I've been working so hard day and night on this thing and I'm soooo glad Jessie had a blast! Here are some pics....

This is Debbie (Jessie's mom), Jessie & Me before the shower (she still had no clue at this point where we were going...and I threw her off by getting us lost....oi. )

This is her wonderful reaction to finding out it would be at a tea house! :D she was allll smiles.

The cake that Heather, myself, & Pam worked on for many many hours. (It was completely finished with just the top layer to spare so mommy & daddy could share it when Baby Ava arrives.)

Here's Jessie's reaction to alllll the bows that I made for little Ava....I can't wait to see her wearing these & the various outfits that go along with them.

The sign I made for Ava....she did like it....contrary to her crooked smile lol. i love ya Jess. favorite. Some of the girls playing "draw the baby on top of your head" game. It was sooo much fun. Congrats to our winner & loser (she picked best and worst baby) Some of them had some "mysterious" things growing out of their bodies that I certainly hope were embilical cords :)

This the table set up with a yummy tray of foods, scones, and desserts & the party favors. (the pink tea cup shaped boxes filled with goodies)

All of the wonderful gifts for Baby Avangelina...who will be here in 6 weeks!!

The radiant momma to be!! Isn't she the prettiest preggo you've ever seen?

Finally, here's the gang all coming to celebrate a miracle in the making who is growing more and more each day...Can't wait to meet you and squeeze those beautiful cheeks Ava.
I cannot give kudos or recognition to the location...they were horrible to us as we left...even though the set up was gorgeous the owner was very disrespectful & unprofessional. If anyone (in Hawaii of course) wants to know the name to avoid the location let me know...I would never recommend her to anyone and she has not heard the last of me...or Jessie's mom.
Other than that, Ava has everything she will ever need for the first year of her life. I cannot wait to see her and hold her.
P.S. Ava's daddy will be home in 5 weeks....please keep him in your prayers as he travels home from Iraq to be with his wife & baby & also pray that he will be allowed to stay instead of returning home.

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