Monday, July 27, 2009

Dresses Galore!

This is what I've been doing for a week straight...and loving it. I'm selling these dresses and for really cheap...mainly b/c I'm not trying to make money, simply just need to pay for my hobby. I'm practically giving them if you see one you like, just let me know. I'll ship anywhere and it won't be extra! Contrary to what the Post Office says, it does NOT cost extra to ship from or to Hawaii...

I've named each of the dresses after the special keiki it was created for...or just a cute name instead of numbering them .I'm working on a site for people to order from...and an etsy, ebay, and amazon page as well.

Hope you like. Leave comments if so!

Front view of "scrap that"
"Scrap That" (back view)
"The Catelynn"

Summertime Sunshine

"The Lola" a special dress so she can welcome home her daddy

"Retro Lola"

"Hippie Lily"
Close up of "Hippie Lily"
"Keiki girl"

"Ava's Sunday best"

"Ava's Hawaiian pink"

"Capri Hope"

So all of my dresses are only $8 (newborn-2T) $10 (3T & up) with the exception of "Scrap That" "Sunday Best" and "Capri Hope." Those three are $12 (newborn- 2T) $14 (3T & up). I'm also offering the chance for people to pay whatever they can afford. I understand the economic hardship right now, so if you cannot do $8-12 right now simply give whatever you think necessary.
I'm also really excited about this. My church is having a silent auction to raise money for a couple going on a field mission trip and I am going to attempt to put two of my dresses in the auction...I know they won't be the biggest ticket items, but I'm hoping they will contribute to this great family and mission.
I'm also working on starting a website...the name for my "company" will be "Ava Inspired Designs" after my dear friend Jessie's little princess. Since I did start out making these dresses for her, I think I ought to pay tribute to her sweet life. I can't wait to meet her NEXT WEEK!
Ok, if you love my dresses leave comments! I love to know people like them, or if you have ideas for a different pattern or tutorial for a cute style add that too!
God Bless


Tracy said...

very pretty! <3

I think my favorite is the Capri hope!

Jeff & Leza Strayer said...

Thanks Tracy! That's my favorite too ;) Actually everytime I make one I say to my neighbor..."I think this one is my favorite" so now when I come over to her house with a new dress she says "let me guess, you're favorite?"

I never thought I would be addicted to sewing. I told my husband "wait until you come home to your new suzie homemaker." he said "Um she hasn't always been that way, what happened to you?"

ha. I love it!

Tiffany said...

Love these--found you on Kelly's Korner. I sent you an email to the address on your profile with a few questions about the dresses. Love them!