Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birth Story

I've sat down several times to write this, but then for some reason I hear a cry in the distance and can't here I go....

On Tuesday, October 25, I went for a doctor appointment and my blood pressure was a little elevated. This was the 3rd week in a row that it was high and the doctor was concerned it may turn in to preclampsia. So, he scheduled my induction for the next morning. That evening we went to a friend's house to enjoy dinner and a little rest before returning to the hospital since we live an hour away we wanted to be close just in case.... While we were there I started having contractions that were close together and stronger than ever before. I called the nurse and she said not to come in and just relax until they got closer together. Around 3am, I used the restroom and heard a "pop" sound. I looked in the toilet and only saw blood so I assumed this couldn't be my water breaking it was simply a large clot due to my doctor scraping my membranes earlier in the day. The nurse planned for us to call the hospital around 6am and see if our induction was still on the books or if it was booted for someone in active labor. I called at that time and we were cleared to come in. The previous night it snowed and was still snowing when we left for the hospital. Hubby had to scrape the windows and clear the mirrors so we could see three feet in front of us. On our way to the hospital we were both silent and imagining how much our lives were about to change. We held hands and kept asking each other "are you ok?" When we got to the hospital I told them I was having regular contractions and they confirmed that I was having very strong ones every 4-7 minutes apart. They started me on the lowest setting of pitocin, but after a few hours it made the contractions too strong and close together for the baby. The doctor finished rupturing my membranes (he confirmed that my water had a "slow leak" like a tire lol) I was already dilated and 90% effaced. We settled in and prepared for a long day of active labor. Around 1pm I was told that I could get an epidural and I was more than ready! This part was more than painful. For some reason, due to a curve in my spine the anesthesiologist had many took THREE TIMES to get it in place. That was by far, the worst pain in my life. It took over an hour to get it in place, but I was finally pain-free. I took a few naps and talked to hubby about what I wanted for my birth experience. (Ha-that would prove to be hilarious later).

In the meantime, I had an awesome nurse who was so attentive and caring. She checked me at one point and realized PJ's head was on the right side of my cervix and seemed to be stuck. She called upon another nurse for assistance. They started talking about their worries and fears of the cord "falling out" if I sat up or leaned forward. That was the scariest moment ever. When I asked what would happen if the cord did come out, she simply told me "we would have her out in less than 5 minutes and I would have to be wheeled down the hall all while the nurse held the cord inside". The two nurses put me in several positions. Moving me from my right to the left, back to my right, with a pillow between my legs, laying at a head first decline, and unfortunately nothing seem to make her move to the center of my cervix. She was also facing up and the doctor was concerned we would have a more difficult delivery that way so the nurses also tried to turn her over...she was not cooperative at all.

Finally after several hours of trying every possible position, Peighton was showing signs of distress. With each contraction her heart rate would decline a little at a time. She was never in serious danger, but when the doctor came in around 4:15pm and told me that a c-section was our best option I did not argue. The nurse left to bring Jeff scrubs and I had a moment of tears and fears. I was so scared, scared for Peighton and for myself. I was angry that my body would not let me do it the natural way...the way I wanted. But, another part of me was happy that I would be meeting my baby girl in the next few minutes. by 4:22 I was in the operating room. I remember asking when my husband would be allowed to come in the room and how long it would take to get her out. The doctor asked me what the capital of South Dakota distract me from the incision. I yelled at him that "I really don't know right now". I remember not being the most pleasant person. I was thinking to myself "you should know you're the smart one" ha. Apparently my emotions were running high at the moment. Finally, after what seemed like forever (less than a few minutes) Jeff was able to come in the room. He sat beside me and within a minute at 4:31pm he said "Jeff do you want to see her come out". He stood up and I saw tears fall from his eyes and knew she was out. Within seconds, she was screaming. Jeff was by her side from the moment she was born. Finally after a few more minutes Jeff brought her over to meet me. They put her so close to my face that I couldn't even see her face. Jeff & the nurses took her to the nursery while I remained in the operating room. Around 5:05pm I was transferred to the recovery room. I hated being in there. I watched the clock like crazy and was so disappointed when only 2 minutes passed by.

Finally, after an hour in the recovery room and almost 2 hours after my baby girl was born I was wheeled to the mother/baby unit. They wheeled me by the nursery where I saw Jeff sweetly holding our babies hand and comforting her while they checked her and washed her. It was the sweetest moment I have ever seen. While I spent the last two hours feeling sorry for myself that I didn't get that "baby on the chest bonding moment" I knew this was good for my husband to have that time to bond with his daughter.

Finally, after 6:35pm.....two hours and four minutes after she was born I was holding Peighton Joy. She is perfect, so tiny and beautiful. She has her daddy's nose, his toes, his eyes, and his hair. Just pure perfection.


Tracy said...

I'm not sure if you know my birth story with Olivia. But, basically, I had an "induction" (I was already contracting and was dilated to a 5) that failed and she was born via c/s. I had hundreds of crying jags due to the way she was born. Unfortunately, I was never one who could see it as "the baby came safetly and is here now." I struggled with a lot of bitterness of not having a "normal" birth and having something wrong with my body. (I've always those issues that are "weird" or "rarely xyz can occur" and the xyz would occur to ME. know what I mean?) I found that I really had to grieve. It sounds silly, but it's true.

When I got pregnant with Austin, I decided I would make the best of whatever birth I had. I would try for a VBAC. If I needed to have a repeat c/s, I would ask for them to let me watch him be born and to nurse in the recovery room (both things I had no idea I was allowed to do, since they were never offered to me.)

i think with Olivia, it was mostly the shock of thinking i'd have a vaginal birth but not being able to.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Just thought I'd share a bit to maybe relate. :) I totally hear you on clock watching, too. When they took Eliza to "warm up" I wanted to page the nurse a million times to bring her back. I just wanted to snuggle her.

Congratulations! She is just so precious. :)

Erin said...

Congrats, she is beautiful! Sorry you didn't get the birth experienced you had imagined but so glad she is here safe!

Sam said...

urgh 3 tries at the epi is awful! I'm sorry it didn't end up going the way you had hoped, I know that sucks :( I'm like Tracy and have a little bitterness for how mine went with Jacob and can't let it go. If you can that's awesome! If not, it's ok! I think we're allowed that, especially after the long road of TTC. I hope you have a speedy recovery, I know it can be rough with a c-section. Jeff will be home before you know it to make it easier too!

She is absolutely gorgeous, I'm so happy for you!