Monday, July 15, 2013

Major Catch-up

It's been several months since my last update. LOTS has happened!

First, we moved back to NC and are currently waiting to move into our new place. It's been a crazy journey to say the least, but we're blessed to be together and healthy so we're just praying things will work out in the end.

We've been staying between my parents in Myrtle Beach and a family friend in NC. So it's been a hectic time for all of us, but we are so lucky to friends and family who allow us to "squat" at their homes. hahaha

Our home in Colorado still has not sold nor rented, but we're optimistic that it will soon. Until then, we are making the best of our lives with tight finances. We could feel sorry for ourselves, be angry, or stressed but we realize that we are blessed beyond what we deserve. Some people do not have a home, yet we have two. Some do not have money because they do not have bills to pay, yet so we have so much to pay for so we are feeling blessed and know that God is always providing.

I have tons of photos to share, but they are all on my phone so I will upload soon.

Peighton is doing well. She's growing like a weed....I cannot believe she's 22 months already! Little Brother is growing as well. I'm 22.5 weeks and he's moving all over inside. We look forward to seeing him next week on ultrasound and hoping for a healthy check up.

Since we arrived in our transition states we have had one obstacle after another, but we're facing them with God at our side. Slowly things are getting better and we know our lives will reach a point of less ciaos....eventually. Until then, we will praise Him in the storm.

I will have a ton of photos to share once we are settled into our new place and have internet ;)

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