Friday, August 23, 2013

My Etsy Shop

Life is finally back to "normal" and I've opened my shop again! Wow it's been going strong the last week and I have been so blessed to have plenty of new clients and new "likes" on my Facebook page. I recently added a few cute fall items and have many more in mind. HERE is my shop if you're on the hunt for cute things for your little ones.

I love shopping for myself online as well. It's seems to be a lot easier lately. Recently I ordered myself THIS  sweater from Southern Fried Chics. If you haven't seen this site, you'll love it! I just got my package today and LOVE the sweater. They have adorable clothes and at affordable prices!!

Southern Fried Chics

I also love Blue Door Boutique. I have ordered a few things from them and have been pretty happy with the items. I did have to return a few things because they just did not fit me like they did the model (don't we all have that problem). But overall, I love their stuff and for the price you usually get great stuff.

The Blue Door Boutique

I can't wait to look at where everyone else looks I need more ideas so I can find cute stuff once this baby comes out.

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