Thursday, August 11, 2011

28 weeks

Yesterday was 28 weeks! I can't believe it....time is flying by. I never thought I'd be 12 weeks away from having a beautiful baby girl. I've been feeling pretty darn good lately except for horrible acid reflux that leaves me choking in my sleep. I'm starting to get the usual aches and pains from pregnancy. Sleeping has become difficult, but when hubby leaves for work in the morning I make my way down to the couch and get a great 4-7 hours of sleep.

We added her name to the wall finally a few weeks ago and I had to sit on it for a while before being happy with the placement. We also added little circle stickers around the room to give it some other color. I only placed a few around the room and plan to put a few bird pictures on a few walls too.
This week my mother in law ordered the crib set and it arrived yesterday! It is so much cuter in person than on the website. I absolutely love it. I think I may try to find some similar fabric to the birds and make pictures for the walls.

I know Peighton probably won't sleep in her crib for several weeks, but the crib set really completes the room and it's my favorite room in the house now.

And finally, here are the belly shots. Hubby is gone again many nights this week so I'm having to settle for the bathroom self-portrait. Our plans for the maternity shoot fell through as well, so we're hoping to get some self-made pictures soon together.

*Please excuse the no makeup (it's Thursday) lol. You really just want to see the belly anyway.

Peighton has been moving A LOT lately. My belly has been shaped funny because of her little behind sticking out. She gets hiccups at least once a day and she moves the most as soon as I lay down for bed. I have found a few positions that make her movements less noticeable so I can sleep. I could sit on the couch for hours and just feel her kick though and I would be perfectly happy :)

Next week is my glucose test and I'm slightly nervous about the results. I'm not really in risk, but there's always that small chance it could happen to me.

I have officially removed the wedding rings from my wardrobe. They are temporarily on a necklace until my fingers are normal size again. My shoes have also lost their place in this world. I'm literally able to fit in two pairs of flip flops and they are not the most comfortable so I may be purchasing some crocs soon to accommodate my newly chubby feet.

My doc thinks I won't make it another 9 weeks due to Peighton's size and I'm perfectly find with that because I would love an October baby if she's ready to come out. Due to Jeff's upcoming training schedule, October would be best so he can actually be here. But, I guess she will come when she is ready.


The Smith's said...

You are getting close. I am so glad to hear you say she will come when she is ready though. They guessed Dominic was going to be 1.5lbs bigger than he really was so don't worry about how big they think she maybe it is usually wrong.

Amy said...

Her room is precious. I love her letters. Both Lorelai and Miller have their names hanging on ribbons and I adore them! Good luck on your October baby. I had one in July and one in August, and I must say, fall would have been my preference. :)

Irishenchantment said...

wont be long before baby peighton can enjoy her nursery along with you :) i love it

shel xx

Sam said...

Totally there with you on the choking/acid reflux, it's been HORRIBLE! My wedding rings are probably about a week from coming off as well! I love the pics of the room, her name on the wall looks great and so does the bedding! Belly pics look awesome too!

Wow 9 weeks that'd be awesome eh? I'm at 34 weeks tomorrow and have no clue how I could even wait to be on time, let alone go late, which wold be 9 weeks, who knows we could be in labor at the same time! =)