Monday, August 22, 2011

Itti Bitti Giveaway

One of my favorite bloggers, Ashley at is doing a giveaway on a cloth diaper I am hoping to try out and fall in love with like she did! The diaper is from Itti Bitti. I don't know much about this company because I have been concentrating on completing my Thirsties stock pile. The diaper comes in several styles including All-in-ones, snaps, and can probably be used a cover as well so it's very versatile. Please go to her blog, if you are doing cloth diapers, and enter to win....but, don't do more entries than me please :)

So far, my cloth diaper stock pile consists of 16 pre-folds (mostly newborn/infant sizes), 10 covers, and 9 all-in-ones. The AIOs are for the hubby who insists on using the ones "most like disposable diapers" that he can just throw in the pale and not worry about. We are also considering cloth wipes and after reading Ashley's blog I think I may begin to stock up on those as well. I like the idea of the spray bottle better than the wipe warmer with cloth wipes soaking up the liquid. I do have a few boxes of disposable wipes that we will use especially when she's first here and when we are out. My point for doing cloth diapers was mostly to save money and for the environment so doing cloth wipes will really benefit both my bank account and the local dump.

That's about it....I'm hoping to win my first ever giveaway, but if not good luck to whoever does!

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Thanks for posting this! :) Good luck!