Sunday, January 18, 2009

My murderous cat....

As I mentioned back in October...My lovely cat Sassie, who is known for her unfriendly attitude and random attacks on the dogs....brought a mouse into the house and tucked it away for dessert inside our mattress boxspring.

WELL, once again Sassie has made me an accomplice to murder. Today, I came home to find the dogs sniffing a pile of bird feathers spread all over the living room floor. As I investigated a little further, I found a full blown crime scene...blood included.

So, knowing her past I followed a trail into my bedroom where....sure enough, she had the little bird tucked away in the boxspring AGAIN. This time, I called my wonderful neighbor to the rescue. I gagged as she stuck her hand in the hole and grabbed it...

The worst part....the head is missing. Sassie has been sleeping and rolling around since I got home. I'm thinking she has once heck of a tummy ache.

Here is pic of the crime scene....dont worry there are no guts in the photo. Just a little blood and feathers. Im expecting a knock at the door pretty soon from the Military Police claiming there are mysterious disappearances from dogs and birds around the neighborhood.

Trust me, I'm not covering for her anymore. lol

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