Sunday, January 18, 2009

My (weightloss) Journey

So I thought I'd share my progress so far. Those of you who know me really well...know that I tend to lose alot of weight during deployments. I guess it is my way of staying busy and active to make the 12 months go by quickly. Here is a picture of Jeff and I a few months before he left. I was a little heavier. I won't give away my exact weight....but I will say so far (in 3 months) I've lost 22lbs. My workout as usual is 8 miles a day and too many crunches before bed to count. I also cut out all breads (except for today when I attended a tastefully simple party) and all pastas :( I also eat everything in a modified amount. I am such a light eater now that my body has become used to small amounts and I can only handle half of my normal helpings. I also take my dogs for 2.5 mile walk (sometimes) and spend almost an hour a night playing Wii Fit (best game ever!!!)

Here is a pic of me from Friday night before going out with the girls. I was so excited because these are the jeans I wore the night after Jeff got home from last deployment in 2007. I was in a size 6 (i know thats not small to Hollywood's standards but its a healthy size for me.) I have the problem with gaining some weight back when hubby is home...this time, I'm planning to keep it off! I've invested 2 hours a day to this workout...I'm not letting it go to waist (haha) again.

Also, this year I am running in the Great Aloha Run which is a 8.2 mile run. It is definately a challenge and I am looking forward to the end ;) I also have a few more marathons/run/walks on my agenda for this year. The best one will be the walk through the airport next month to pick up hubby for two weeks! :O)
So, I need some encouraging words as I continue my workout and hope to lose another 17 pounds to achieve my 2009 goal!!


Amy said...

I read Kristy's blog and followed her link to yours. My name is Amy and I am the face behind the other blog she follows. You look amazing! You are such an inspiration. You have inspired me to get off the couch and find the healthy person I know is hiding inside somewhere. I just finshed my 1st trimester for my 2nd pregnancy and I know I need to be healthy for this baby, as well as for the one I'm constantly chasing after. :) Thanks so much and keep up the fabulous work!!

leslep said...

Congrats!! You look great, keep up the good work!!