Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lonely Hawaii

So it has been exactly 36 hours since Jeff left for one month long training. For some reason we both had a hard time saying goodbye...we've done this so so so many times before but this time neither one of us wanted to let go. It was an emotional goodbye....maybe because we know what is to come as soon as he gets back. I keep reminding myself that we've done this numerous times before and it wont be any different than the other times. I think the fact that I"ll have a friend living with me during the deployment will keep my mind occupied a little and I wont be so lonely. I couldnt sleep my first night alone...I talked to Jeff on the phone for about 2 hours until *he says* I was uttering words that he couldnt understand...I even text him something about traffic...which had nothing to do with our conversation..so I must have been exhausted. Of course, my first night alone I woke up like 20 times to check the doors and look outside. My dogs have even noticed that Jeff is not here right now. I came home today and the dogs greeted me and then ran to the door just looking like they were completely confused.I dont know how I'm going to entertain these guys for a year. Jeff has always been the one to chase them and play with them. They are too rough for me; I love them, but they bite for a game...not cool with my fragile fingers.

So my agenda for this month alone. I plan to lose some more weight (update-I've lost 5lbs.) and my overall goal is 20 lbs. YES, I need to lose 20lbs. I know I lost like 45 while he was deployed...but he's made me gain back like 15 of that...yes, it is his fault. He always wants home cooked meals...cant pass up the homemade bread. lol. So, I've been working out for 21 days straight...3xs a day like last year. So we'll see what happens. I have to take my friend Jessie to the doctor and help her after a procedure, I have to complete this class to be a teacher in Hawaii, then I have to sit patiently and wait for my degree to finally come in the mail...countdown 30 days...ahh :sigh: Other than that, I only have weekly classes (for the teacher thing) and cleaning the house to keep me busy.

Jeff is already bored over there..he said it's hot, sticky, sandy & lonely. :( If only I could sneak in his package and keep him company. So, until my visit in November, I'm stuck on this island once again...wishing I was someplace else.

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Ashley Edwards said...

You get major props in my book girl, for being able to be a military wife! :-) I can imagine how hard it must be, and I know it would drive me crazy! But you've accomplished so much, congrats on the degree! Hopefully the time will fly by for you and Jeff will be home before you know it. :-)