Monday, July 28, 2008

So So So many babies

ATTN: Baby Acting Scouters CUTE KID ALERT!!!

So I just wanted to welcome many babies...and say congrats to lots of new moms. While I don't have a little junior bouncing on my knee I am surrounded by little bundles of joys....allll around me. Many of my friends and family members are welcoming new babies....everytime I turn around. Jeff always said (in 2007) that the year 2008 would be the "year of the rat" and only boys would be born and everyone would be popping out kids. Well, maybe because we are on a military base with tons of pregnant women around us or the fact that it is the "year of the rat", but babies are overflowing this compound (my heart)

Just to name a few of the CUTEST 2008 angels born:
(hope moms dont mind I'm proudly displaying your offspring to the world of bloggers)

Robert Michael (my best friend's baby) Savannah, GA June 2008

Ayden Anthony Wahiawa, HI July 2008

Mason Kai Wahiawa, HI May 2008

Jennah Lawrence Greenville, SC March 2008

Ruthie Newton, NJ April 2008

J.D. and Julian Greenville, SC

Babies TO BE born this year:

Lewis Broussard Honolulu, HI (Navy Brat) ;) Due Oct.
Name unknown Murphy (know they had a name picked but I dont want to spoil it) Due in Sept.
Name unknown Micke (Cousin's baby) Due December
Name unknown Micke (other cousin's baby) Due October/Nov.
Name unknown Szelesta (dont remember last name; other cousin's baby) Due Jan. 2009
Zander (I think that's his name)....anyday now.
Parker Parecco Due November

I think that names all of the babies...I know I'm missing some people, but there are just too many babies out there....So while I sit here feeling bad for myself because I dont have a baby to care for; I'm reminded of the beautiful faces that brighten my days each time their mommy's send me a picture on my cell phone. I havent had the pleasure of cuddling all of these cute faces but I hope to hold each and every one of them soon.

I constantly remind myself that when we have a baby it will be when we and everyone around us....least expects it. Jeff keeps saying it will happen when we're broke, moving to a new state, going through job changes or worse.....through a very tough time. So, while it may come as a shock and it may come will be the best blessing in the world. JUST PRAY THAT IT HAPPENS SOON.....My patience is being tested!

I also wanted to give a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to my nephew Matthew. He will be 6 on the 31st! My, they grow up so fast.


Christina Sabo said...

Wow, that is a lot of babies! Yep, for us, Kaitlan came at the worst possible time. I found out I was pregnant a month after Hurricane Katrina totally wiped us out. We had to move into a different house, had to buy all new furniture, clothes, everything. And on top of that, we had to buy all the "baby stuff" you need. Our church in Biloxi was awesome though. They gave us a couple thousand dollars (at least) and threw me a great baby shower. So yeah, it will probably happen when you give up and stop trying. I've also heard of a lot of people who adopt because they think they can't get pregnant and then almost immediately get pregnant. lol

Kristy L said...

Those are some good looking babies.. Especially that Jennah Lawrence baby.. LOL