Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's go Yankees! Let's go!!

That's right....the Yankees won the ALCS and headed to the WORLD SERIES vs. The Phillies (yuck!)

My hubby is such a true Yankee fan that last year before he deployed he got a tattoo to show his devotion. Here's a pic he took while he was deployed.

It was a great celebration in the Strayer house today and I have a video to prove it!

Here is Jeff's reaction to the Yankees winning!!

I'm so glad this game didn't go past 9 innings because now we are heading out for a date to see Law Abiding Citizen.
First, here's a picture of me and Makai. Poor thing I woke him up to put on his Jeter jersey. Lucki was so peaceful I didn't wake him up for a picture.
Here's what I'm sporting on our date tonight. I think there's a family picture in the future with our jerseys and the dogs' jerseys as well.

Make sure you all tune in Wednesday to see game 1 of the

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