Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kelly Korner Book Club

I absolutely adore Kelly's Korner so when she suggested The Antelope in the Living Room I knew it had to be good. But let's be honest as a SAHM to two little ones I dismissed the idea of ever being able to read a book. That was until last night I read her feedback on Chapter 4 and laughed out loud several times. One thing I have in common with Kelly...our husbands love to hunt so when I realized this book was sympathetic to widows of hunters (insert humor I am not a widow only a single mom during hunting season)vi figured I'd take the plunge. I downloaded the book and on a night where hubby still has not returned from a 27+ hour work day I made myself comfortable on the couch and caught up to Kelly's post from last week on Chapter 4. So here's my feedback.....

(This is my first week so I'm not sure if I copy her questions or do my own for sake of time I'll copy hers.)

1.  Have you ever made a list of qualities you want in your future spouse? What things did you include that ended up not being as important as you originally thought?
I don't believe I had a physical list but I'm sure at some point as a young woman I had my vision of the perfect husband. He would look something like this....tall or short just not shorter than me, brown hair (I had this crazy idea brown hair turned grey later in life), loved sports and shopping. I knew I wanted a man who would lead our family spiritually I just didn't know how or where I could meet that person. Jeff was the opposite of all that. Except the brown hair. But it took years to get him to attend church and when he did he loved it so I got almost exactly what I thought was the perfect man for me. P.s. He LOVES sports, hunting and anything outdoors. He also loves shopping....mostly for the kids clothes so it's even more attractive. 
2. What are some things in your life that you feel like you’re waiting on right now? Do you agree that we’re all waiting on something, no matter where we are in life?
This question I found particularly hilarious because while I read it Jeff was at work waiting for nearly 8 hours to get on a plane and jump out of it...only to land safely and wait another 15 hours while a missing piece of equipment is I type this he's going on a 27 hour work day...waiting. 
As for me, I am really struggling with this part of our life. Recently the army has made it very difficult for us to feel secure and "home". With major changes in Jeff's career on the horizon we are waiting to find out if we will stay, go, change, progress or remain stable. That's my biggest challenge right now is waiting and one thing I'm struggling with is making good friends here and I'm a people person...I need my people. 

3. In Chapter 4, Melanie mentions a list of celebrities she’d be friends with if they ever met. Do you have a list?
This question is hilarious! I'd love to be friends with Reese Witherspoon but only because I imagine her personality being similar to her character in Sweet a Home Alabama. I'd also love to have Miranda Lambert on my favorites list, I'd also add a few Yankee players to that list. 

Overall, this book so far has kept me entertained and giggling a lot. Mainly because I can relate to a lot of her stories. I love her story about how she wishes she kept the expectations for cooking low from the beginning. I could only cook spaghetti and Mac n cheese so that was all we ate our entire first year of marriage. But once Jeff returned from his first deployment I had somehow learned to com all these great meals and I spoiled him the first few weeks at home only to disappoint him with many burned meals and overlooked chicken dinners to follow. I look forward to putting the kids to bed tonight so I can read a few more chapters. 

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