Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Lemon-babe

How far along? 11 weeks

Baby's size and stats? 2 inches long, the size of a lime! This week baby is learning to swollow and teeth buds are forming.

Gain? 2 pounds (morning sickness disappeared last week so the weight will come soon enough) Maternity clothes? Just comfy pants so far.

Sleep? I wake up almost every other hour to pee and my back hurts from only laying on my sides (hurts to much to lay on my chest).

Foods I am/ am not loving? All foods are slowly rejoining my life. I ate a hamburger twice this week....that's huge for me in general much less while I'm pregnant!

Best moment this week? Booking the appt for our 14 week 4D ultrasound to find out the gender!!

Symptoms/Emotions? Emotions are like a 4-letter word around here. I cry alot. I get mad easily. I stress way too much.

Gender? Well, we'll know in 3 weeks.

Names: (I made this one up...for fun). We have names picked out, but not sharing just yet! But, I will say initials will be PJS with either sex.

What I'm thankful for: God, who is responsible for all the following: Health. Answered prayers. Unanswered prayers. Church family. Caring Friends. Loving family. A devoted husband. A providing husband.

Prayer Requests: This week I'm asking that you pray for those still struggling with infertility. So many people are still waiting to get pregnant. Jeff & I struggled for a long time, but so many people have been waiting even longer. Please pray that God will bless their lives with a child somehow.

I actually have a picture this week! It's from Sunday when I was 10.5 weeks, but it'll have to do.


Tracy said...

<3 love the belly!

Kelly Jo said...

I love your belly!!! Are you so excited for your 4D gender scan in 3 weeks?! I can't wait to hear names. :-) So glad you're doing well! I miss your updates at 2ww!!!