Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have been a horrible blogger. I apologize. Life has been super busy lately. I'm visiting my parents for a few months to give Peighton the time she deserves with her grandparents and help them get their house ready to sell. I plenty of pictures to share and stories to tell, but its midnight and my teething baby has not been allowing mommy to sleep much so I'm going to sleep rather than blog. But, trust me I have plenty to share and say.

Here are few things that Ms. PJ is doing these days:

1. Says mama anytime she's crying.
2. Says dada when she's tired or talking to someone.
3. Has two teeth now!!!
4. Has eaten: bananas, blueberries and apples, squash, carrots...those are the pureed foods....
5. Has eaten (thanks to grandparents): donut, pizza sauce, whipped cream, lots of other sweets as well and pickels (thats from me). She has never made a funny face or spit anything out. We have a great eater on our hands.
6. Lately her bedtime routine has been difficult. My normal 9 hour sleeper has been keeping me on a random schedule and refusing to sleep some nights and sleeping the night away on others. I'm exhausted to say the least....I keep thinking it has to be her teeth...2 down....
7. Is not crawling yet, but getting verrrrry close. Any day now...
8. Oh, another first....she has been to the Atlantic Ocean! She loved the sand and ate as much as she could before mommy ruined the moment. She also loved the water.
9. Still fighting the car seat deal, but I keep reminding myself...someday it will pass...even if she's 4 and still will pass....eventually.
10. 3 months of this deployment has passed......we are 1/3 of the way to the welcome home banners go up!!

Ok that's enough for now. I'll post pictures of our adorable 7 MONTH OLD very soon!!

God bless

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Tracy said...

Yay for 1/3rd of the way through deployment! woo hoo!

Glad to hear Miss P is doing well! Can't believe our babies are 7 mths old!