Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For my birthday gift (to myself) I patiently waited....(-2) days before my bday to visit a gun range in Waikiki with my friend Marissa. I figured I needed time to improve my skills in case I actually do the police academy thing next summer. It was ALOT of fun...Here are a few photos of the adventure. I had the great pleasure of handling

22 Cal. Ruger
(hard to aim & loud)

38 S&W Revolver
(my FAVORITE) want one
in PINK please ....hint hint honey

Glock 21/ Colt 45
(this stupid thing kept
jamming on me)

9mm Springfield XD9
(this one I hit the bullseye
with after the instructor helped me)

S&W/ Ruger 44 Magnum AKA DIRTY HARRY (this bad boy left a pain in my wrist and I gently put it down after the first shot in order to regain my composure.) THE BEST SHOTS EVER...I felt like a real life cowgirl from the 1800's hehe!

We discovered that the range has a membership that allows you to bring your own weapon and purchase ammo....SO I think once hubby returns we will be joining this (instead of a gym..haha). I of course was convinced to upgrade my package and received 20 extra shots (but I do not remember getting those extra 20...hmm apparently 100 was not enough for me.)

I can say we will DEFINATELY be going back for a second, third, fourth, fifth hundreth time.

Thanks to Hawaii Gun Club for MAKING MY DAY!

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