Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Surprise ...for mom

So Sunday I woke up and spoke to hubby like usual. He mentioned that we wouldn't be able to speak on Christmas eve, Christmas day, nor the day, I immediately became sad and decided to impulsively purchase a ticket back to South Carolina to surprise my mom.

I called least 4 times that day to give him the information. He promised to keep it a secret from mom. So 8 hours later, I was on a plane to South Carolina. During my layover, in Dallas, I got a text from my mom saying "so when are you coming in..." WHAT?!!

She claims she woke up with "mother's intuition" and new something was going on. Plus, she added that my dad cannot lie very well. So, with only 2 hours left until I would arrive at GSP she figured it out and quickly prepared for my visit. It was still a good surprise for her. Of course, this Christmas morning my cards and gifts are sitting under my tree (in Hawaii) still wrapped waiting for my return next week.

It's great to be here...but, OMGosh it's freezing. The moment i stepped into Dallas I could see my breath....which has been warmly hiding since we moved to Hawaii. My toes are frozen and my nose is cherry's a funny sight. Everyone claims that its warm here...but I beg to differ.

So far, I've spent most of my time with one my best friends....Anna and her daughter Lucy. The last time I saw them was during my visit in 2006. Not much has changed except....well, Lucy. It was funny getting her to open up to me..but she's quite comfy now. She constantly yells....AUNT ETHAL!!!! Which is my nickname from the McCorkle family (Anna's parents). Its been alot of fun...

My agenda is quite important and full of tasty treats.

1. Enjoy chick-fil-A (completed 10-22)

2. Enjoy Zaxby's (completed 10-23)

3. Enjoy Fatz cafe (completed 10-24)

4. Shop at Victoria Secret (completed a few times!)

5. Shop at Target (completed 10-22)

6. Bring home souvenirs from each place....for friends.

7. Visit Anna, Krissy, Teena, Tasha, parents, family...etc. (too many to count) (almost completed)
8. Stay warm! (thanks to new coat is keeping me warm.)

9. Go out with folks and friends for New Years...

10. Enjoy parents hot tub. (enjoyed a few times!!!)

Merry christmas and Happy New Years Day.

I also wanted to share a few photos from my visit but the link is not working so check them out in my myspace photos..under SC visit Dec. 2008. So far, I've met Santa...he surprised us while visiting some family friends...he forgot to bring Jeff with him I kicked him out. I also took lots of pics with Lucy. You should compare our pictures from 2006 (under my photos) and see how much she's grown.

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with many memories and smiles. The Lord has blessed us greatly and stayed with us as we overcame many obstacles and continue to climb. I hope everyone feels his blessings this holiday season. Ill post more pics and more updates as my week goes on.....Sunday one of my bestestesteset friends is coming to visit from Georgia with her baby so I"ll have more pics nad updates to share.

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