Sunday, December 7, 2008

101 Things....515 days

So I saw this on a few people's blogs so far. Make a list of 101 things that you would like to do in a certain amount of days. I pick 515 days...I know it sounds like a lot but really its only 1.5 years. So here is my list of my first 50 things to do...I'll add as New Year approaches....

How many more of you will do this??? I think this is a great way to get your priorities in line....remember to LIVE and enjoy life first...then stress.

1. Become closer to God
2. Move to Colorado (January 2010)
3. Have a baby (someday?)
4. Finish my Master's in Education (May 2009)
5. Become a Certified Teacher in Colorado
6. Purchase Jeff's first bike (October 2009)
7. Give back to my parents/in laws (BIG TIME)
8. Donate to children in honor of our 3 angel babies
9. Do something special for Jeff
10. Finish losing weight
11. Continue 8 miles a day (even after Jeff returns)
12. Save for baby fund
13. Save for Italy fund (2011)
14. Visit after my sister has her baby (March 2009)
15. Drive from Colorado to SC and PA
16. Visit DisneyLand or DisneyWorld
17. Become a full time teacher in Colorado
18. Keep up my 3.9 GPA...or get 4.0
19. Read the entire bible
20.Become debt free (minus Student loans)
21. Make another deployment scrapbook
22. Encourage hubby to finish school
23. Strengthen my marriage
24. Make a new friend every month
25. Mow the backyard (anyday now.....hmmm)
26. Deal with my grief from the miscarriages
27. Continue fertility options
28. Try a new meal (something I would never consider)
29. Find out why Lucki scratches so much.
30. Save for a deposit on a new home (in about 8 years)
31. Trade in our cars for a safe SUV
32. Enjoy Colorado's snow
33. Call my sister's more often
34. Enjoy 5 moments w/o cell phone or interruption (WITH HUBBY OF COURSE)
35. Pray outside of the box (little inside thing)
36. Finish my homework sooner than 1 day before due date
37. Study for the Praxis exams
38. Ace the Praxis exams
39. Learn to be a little more patient
40. Clean my house from corner to corner monthly....or bi-monthly LOL
41. Sing louder in church
42. Send out christmas cards with Jeff photoshopped in the pic
43. Get an oil change every 3,000 miles without hubby nagging me.
44. Start Jeff's car during this deployment every week.
45. Learn to be thankful for little my puppies kisses.
46. Maintain garden in Hawaii AND Colorado (except in the snow)
48. Work on my hearing (hmm..what'd you say?)
49. Host a great Christmas brunch
50. Improve my aim (at the range)


leslep said...

This is a great list. I need to start one of my own, the problem is following it after I make it.

Amy said...

Your list is amazing! You truly are such an inspiration on so many levels! I am a teacher and reading about your Praxis goals put a smile on my face. You can do it!!