Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Bitter sweet day!

So, I have lots of details to share about my day. BUT, I'm exhausted and I dont want to steal my friend's thunder....so, I"ll give short details.

A close friend of mine is pregnant, with her first after trying for more than 2 years. I am overly joyed for her and excited. She was there for me to converse with while Jeff & I tried to get pregnant and we had more in common than any other person due to the struggles we face with infertility. Well, around here a certain doctor (Dr. Lucidi, RE) is called "a miracle worker & a baby maker"). I can say I've seen him get people pregnant FIRST HAND, including myself. While my pregnancies did not last, it was him that got me to that point of getting a positive on my test. But anyway, this is not about me.

So, today I had the wonderful pleasure of accompanying my friend to her 10 week appointment (I'll be EVERY SINGLE APPT in place of her deployed hubby). It was a routine appt., but I wanted to take pictures of her in the silly blue gown for her hubby. The did the norm: temp., weight, other female things, then came listening to the heartbeat.....

The doctor placed the little doo hicky thingy on her belly and began making funny faces...like she was confused. I can only imagine the look of fear on both of our faces. (It brought back horrible memories of the day we found out our little one lost his/her heartbeat). She sweetly explained that her uterus was in a funny position making it difficult to hear the heartbeat. So I grab my friend's arm just bracing for the worst (I didnt tell her that at the time) and then she brings in the ultrasound machine. I think we both were hoping the baby would be difficult so that she HAD to do an ultrasound and give us a peek. AND WE'RE SO GLAD SHE DID! At only 10 weeks 2 days, this baby was moving and grooving measuring at 10 weeks 6 days. I can honestly say it was the 3rd coolest day I've ever had....second, to my BFF at delivery of her now 5 yr old and my wedding to Jeff. I started crying and clapping immediately....I even took pictures of the machine just for her hubby. We both couldn't stop laughing or staring at this super cool picture of her beautiful baby....whether boy or girl...it has a mighty big head & heart...lol

Im sooo pumped for her. I didnt ask her permission...but I would have liked to share her pic to my blogger friends. I always thought that I would be pregnant with one of my close friends and I wouldnt be the LAST one in my circle of friends to have a baby. But, honestly I am ok. I thought today would be hard and I would have jealousy in my heart as bad as that sounds. BUT NOT AN OUNCE. I did come home to tell Jeff that I can't wait for him to experience that with our little one someday....but, to have the pleasure of being with her was....I"m at a loss for words. I am so blessed to have great friends who are so sensitive to my feelings even though I am sooo very very happy for them. I wish that I could just squeeze that baby's cheeks already.

Ok, now that I've told way more details than I planned....I have to go to bed. It's 11:11 which is my cue to get some sleep before my 6am workout.

God Bless!


Amy said...

You are such an amazing friend and a wonderful support system! Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face and helps me power through another day. :)

Raul. Lily & Mason said...
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Raul. Lily & Mason said...

Im glad she is doing well. I know the ultrasound is the coolest thing ever! Its very nice that you can be there for her. i hope you can encourage her to BF when the baby comes