Sunday, May 16, 2010

PBR & Wild West Festival 2010

Saturday night was so much fun! We geared up for the PBR event with the Wild West Festival. It had a cowboy, Native American, and other areas to enjoy. Plus, LOTS OF GOOOOD FOOD! I had a burger, cinnamon almonds, and FUNNEL CAKE!
This is Amanda & I, new friend from church.

As we worked our way to the PBR event, we stopped in to see the PBR headquarters. I don't think we were suppose to be in there, but we made our visit quick. Long enough for pictures.
This is the front desk shaped like a giant horn.
Once we got inside we were entertained by this guy. He was hilarious and quite a dancer.

After seeing this guy, Jeff says he has discovered his post-retirement career. I can totally see him doing this; dancing, making a fool of himself, and running from giant beasts...right up Jeff's alley.
Here are a few photos of some of the riders. I tried to get pictures of all of them, but my memory card filled up quickly.

I couldn't keep up with who was on the bull because the screen was blocked, the voice was muffled, and my camera is so slow I was busy concentrating on focusing to get a decent photo. Next time I know to bring our "good" camera.

This is the round 2 winner-Ben Jones
An interesting character at the PBR this year was Honest Abe! He sat a few feet from me. He looks pretty good to be dead for over 200 years.

He's not so honest though--he was in someone else's seats!

I was excited to see two people -Ty Murray and Justin McBride. They are the only two names
I recognize from PBR because they've been around since I was in high school (I was into PBR alot more back then.) Justin was busy doing the radio show, but I did not have my camera handy when he was up and walking around. I did get to see Justin upclose (back of his head photo) and have my boots signed by him.

This was Jeff's first PBR event and he had a great time. He kept saying he would stand out like a sore thumb. And that he did-a lady stopped him and asked "Are you ok" when he was following us to our seats. Bless his heart. But, he said he had a great time. And we're looking forward to next year.
Me & my cowboy!

This was my favorite part--had nothing to do with PBR riders or large bulls. It was the kids' sheep riding competition. And a girl won!!! It was so cute to watch these kids.

Here's a short video of one of the riders. This is the guy who (was) currently ranked 1st place, unfortunately he did not win this round.

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Now you can never wear your pink boots again! You can get a display box at Michael's :-)