Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad blogger

I've been a horrible blogger lately. I apologize for my 24 devoted followers. :) I have some hilarious photos to share. I'll be blunt. My job is fun. We have a great time and have to pull pranks to maintain sanity.
Here's proof: (do not attempt this in your office unless you are really, really, really sure your boss is ok with it)

My favorite prank thus far: we foiled the Principal's office!

We even foiled everything we could..... 235 sq. yards of tinfoil to be exact.

I assume it was like Christmas morning eachtime he unwrapped an item in his office ;)

Office furniture fell victim to our prank as well.

He had a great time unwrapping everything just so he could use his laptop, phone, stapler, etc.
This is the assistant principal's office...for the record, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ONE! She has two things against her, she's on the wrong team AND it was her birthday haha!
This one I did have something to do with....a bag of shredded paper above the door. It was classic....even though it was an epic failure...until I gave the paper a nudge.

This one is another one I had nothing to do with...but, I fell victim to the sick pranksters.
p.s. It's NOT real so please do not email saying we are unsanitary.

There are few things that I do not have pictures of, but they were funny anyway:
1. Tied cans to the back of the principals car.
2. Assistant Principal told me I was being traded like a washed-up 40 year old baseball player to another team.
3. Fake letter from St.ate Fa.rm In.surance claiming that they will no longer cover the principal's vehicle...he didn't fall for it.
4. Then, today....while I was in a meeting with the Principal and Asst. Principal (that they swear was not a prank) a certain someone (not naming names-Aaron) wrote some funny inside jokes on my vehicle...that had to be erased almost immediately due to the fact that I'm a happily HETERO married woman and fearful of being beaten up by soldiers. HA!
5. The last few days of school the principal & asst. principal hid my purse, sent me on a scavenger hunt to find it, meanwhile they STOLE my car and parked it across the street.
I'm sure there are many more that I cannot remember....but, I'll have plenty to share throughout the next school year. (hint hint Kim)!
Anyway, so I've been up since 4am preparing for my mother in laws visit tomorrow so I may be absent (surprise surprise) from the blogging world for two weeks, but will return with many photos of my beautiful sister in law.
I hope you all have a blessed week and enjoy your Father's Day celebration next week.
I do have a few prayer requests:
1. I have a very important appointment tomorrow that will determine the path for our future.
2. A family member is struggling to find herself and make wise choices.
3. I have to make a decision on something in the next 12 hours and really need to figure out how to make this decision....please pray!
4. For the many families who are dealing with the loss, physical damage, and destruction left over from the flooding in Oklahoma.
5. A 19 year old woman from my hometown passed away yesterday. I did not know her, but she was clearly loved and will be missed by many. Please pray for strength for her family and friends.
6. The many women struggling to start families of their own, dealing with infertility, adoption decisions, losses, and grieving. We recently passed a very hard anniversary of one of our losses and I am grateful that a few close friends kept me in their prayers. It's time to pray for others and share our faith that God will provide.

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Tracy said...

that foil is hysterical!