Saturday, November 13, 2010

Give Thanks

Today I helped decorate for our church's Holiday dinner. It turned out gorgeous. We decorated each table with a hurricane candle and cute little pumpkins. It's going to be beautiful with the lights low and the candles lit.
Then, I baked two cakes for tonight. They are chocolate cake with pumpkin cream cheese icing and reese's for fun :)
Next week, I'll be all finished decorating the inside of the house for Christmas so all we have left to do when hubby gets home is the outside.

It's also beginning to feel alot like Christmas around here. It briefly snowed on Friday at work, but nothing in Pueblo yet. Today at noon it was 40 degrees outside and usually between 19-23 degreees in the morning on my way to work.

Speaking of work, only one full working week until Thanksgiving vacation. We're staying home this year, but celebrating with some very special friends.

For those of you wondering (Anna), Christmas is still up in the air. This has been a tough year financially due to moving, buying a house, buying a new car, and paying off credit cards. I think we'll take it easy and just celebrate the true meaning of Christmas rather than spoil eachother with gifts....although, I did hint for some cute pearl earrings :)

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanskgiving and remember in to give thanks in everything.

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