Sunday, November 14, 2010

Glitter, Ribbon, Fake Snow Vomit

It snowed today on the way to church....briefly and it melted before it touched the ground. But, there's nothing better than snowflakes and a peppermint mocha to get me in the decorating mood. It's been a few days of pulling out boxes, unwrapping ornaments, and making lots of bows. Here are a few photos of what I've far. We still have 2 boxes left that I have not even touched yet and we (well, Jeff) have yet to touch the outside yet. I can't wait for him to come home so he can get in the Christmas mood too.

Our coffee table....don't mind the boring couch. I've yet to pull out all our Holiday pillows.

My favorite part of the kitchen decor....I love the little santa on the's probably hard to see, but he's a cook with a mixing bowl :)
This shelf is a working progress.
Still waiting for some more inspiration for the counter.
I'm working on Christmas curtains for the very plain window....please do not mind the sink full of dirty dishes....sure wish I had a dish fairy.
My FAVORITE part of the living room so far. The gold tree is a card holder....looking forward to all the family cards we'll be recieving this year.
The downstairs bathroom....I definately need more on the back of the toilet and the counter.
I got this plant from someone at church and it's just thriving, I'm so proud of myself for keeping it alive....I'm horrible at this. The tree on the table I bought after Christmas last year in Hawaii for $.25 and the "Hope" ornament means alot to me....many of you know why.
Bathroom corner
Thinking I need some toule for this table....hmmm, I'll be going to Hobby Lobby soon.
Our entertainment seriously needs help. I need glitz and glitter!
Stay tuned....for more decor vomit!

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