Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 months

*First, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I got a new cell phone and have not figured out how to upload pictures yet. My next post will be picture overload!

December 26, 2011
Two months old
Weight: 11 lbs. 15 oz.
Length: 23 inches
New stuff: sucking your thumb! You love your thumb and when you need to comfort yourself you always turn to your favorite finger.
You are not a fan of tummy time anymore and when we put you on your tummy you will
cry until you fall asleep.
Your sleeping pattern has changed recently and instead of going to bed at 10pm you fight sleeping until around 11:30pm. It makes mommy & daddy very exhausted!

You are staying awake a lot more during the day. You usually take a nap in the morning for about 45-1 hour and then again in the afternoon for 3-4 hours.
You love your daddy so much! When you are fussy and cranky he is the only one who can truly calm you down and make you smile.
Speaking of smiling, you are such a morning baby! When you wake up in the morning you smile and almost laugh! We are highly anticipating your first laugh. You have come so close to letting out a huge giggle and for some reason no sound comes out. I hope to catch it on camera for grandma and grandpa.
We took you for your two month check up on December 30 and you were given a clean bill of health and we were told to keep doing what we have been doing.
You did get your immunizations (except one that the doctor was out of) and you cried only after the second one. It was so hard for mommy & daddy to watch you cry in pain. We both cried with you. Moments later, in your daddy's arms, you were back to our normal happy baby.
A few days after your appointment you became very fussy and screamed like you were in pain so we took you back to a new doctor to find out what was going on. We were told you had reflux and a small rash on your face. Now you are taking special medication that we hope makes you feel better and brings you comfort.
You are holding your head up very well these days.
You are also very interested in your surroundings and love bright colors....daddy got you hooked on cartoons.
You are finally noticing the dogs as well and you love to watch them play.

We still cannot believe you are two months old already. Time is going so quickly! I wish you could slow down, but I love to see you grow and learn new things!

***Christmas post to come soon with lots of pictures as well!***

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Loving your updates, as always. Can't wait for the Christmas photos!!