Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peighton's 1st Christmas

Peighton's 1st Christmas was very low key and filled with wonderful memories. We decided to stay home this year and spend the holiday just us three since Jeff will be deploying soon. Below is one of the many adorable outfits she got for Christmas. She was a very happy baby that day! This picture was taken the day after Christmas when she turned 2 months old.

Poor baby had to spend her week after Christmas recovering from getting her immunizations. She slept that day for nearly 12 hours and all night as well. Poor baby was not happy about the shots and neither were mommy & daddy.
Peighton loved each one of her gifts and smiled as we opened them. We cannot wait for next year when we are planning a trip home with family.
Here she is exhausted after we opened all of her gifts. She is one blessed baby girl :)
Peighton also got to meet Santa. She did so good considering some strange man with a funny beard was holding her. She really has only been held by us and our parents so I was surprised she did not scream. She did so great and posed nicely for about 30 pictures.
I am so glad we spend Christmas home this year, but we missed our family's so much. Times like this make me wish we lived closer so we could create memories with them as well. Sadly, we did not get a family picture on Christmas. We took that day to just relax, be thankful to God for our miracle, the miracle of sacrifice, and family.

Christmas evening we had a very delicious dinner at our neighbor's house. They were kind enough to have us over and feed us very well :)

I'm looking forward to next Christmas when Peighton is surrounded by many family members who love her and many who cannot wait to meet her still.

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