Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 months

Peighton Joy, you are 4 months old today! This has been the most blessed 4 months of my life and you bring so much happiness to our home.

Here is what you have been doing in the last few weeks:

You finally found your toes. You spend so much time looking at them with a look of curiosity and finally you grabbed them! You have yet to put them in your mouth like you did while in my tummy.
Just a few days ago you got your first boo boo when one of the doggies accidentally scratched you. You, me, and daddy all cried. A few minutes later you were ok and playing with the doggy again.
Your sleeping has changed A LOT and mommy is exhausted. Since the day you turned 3 months you stopped sleeping through the night. You're waking up every 3.5-4 hours to eat and then fall back to sleep. I am hoping this is just sleep regression and not because you're not getting enough food during the day.
You are becoming so independent these days and you love to plat with your toys and sit up like a big girl.
You are always happy unless you are tired or hungry. You love to smile at daddy and giggle at the dogs. You are such a daddy's girl already.

You are starting to allow me to put you down more often. Which means mommy gets more stuff done during the day, but I still love to hold you and cuddle.
You love your jumper and all the toys that you can reach while playing in it. It also gives you a better view of the doggies so you can watch them play and it gives them better access to give you kisses :)
You are definitely not camera shy. When you see me pick up my phone and point it for a picture you instantly smile and do so until I put it down. This was yesterday and you can probably tell daddy got you dressed :) we love him!
You still love bath time, but you do not like it when I take you out and have to dry you off. I think you get cold so the lotion, diaper, dry hair process is super fast so you don't cry too much. You usually get a bath around 7:30 pm and fall asleep shortly after.

You are SO close to rolling over. You get your entire bottom half of your body turned and then get stuck on your arm. I know you will be rolling over very soon.

You just started doing a fake cough to get us to look at you. You just started this two days ago.

You are only nursing and nursing on demand. Which you usually demand every 3-4 hours!

This month you took your first "road trip". We went to a town called Cuchara about an hour away from our house to visit our favorite burger place. The trip took a little longer because you were so hungry and we had to pull over to feed you.

You still hate your car seat. You are slowly becoming easier to entertain while in it, but after a few minutes you realize what I'm doing and start demanding to get out! I usually carry about 6 toys for you to play with and lots of noisy musical toys as well.

Tomorrow we will find out how much you weight and your length. You are also getting your 4 month immunizations. We do not like this part, but we also want you healthy and strong.

Our favorite change this month has been that you are more vocal. You love to "talk" to us and blow raspberries to get our attention. You also laugh and smile more than ever before and we love that!!!

I am so thankful for a beautiful daughter. God is so so good!


Amy said...

You are absolutely right, God is awesome! The pictures are fabtastic. My two favorites are the one of her in the chair next to her doll (her smile is terrific) and the one of her taking a bath (love, love the "do")!!

Tracy said...

Elia's sleep has regressed, too. Its pretty normal around this age. If she's growing well, and not fussy during the day, you can rest assured that she's getting enough to eat between day and night feedings.