Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So, now that we are only two weeks away from Peighton turning 4 months old I think it's about time I posted about 3 months.

January 26, 2012
Peighton Joy you turned 3 months old
You are doing so many new things and changing more every day.

Here are a few things you have been up to:

You still suck on your thumb. You mostly do this when you're tired and it's the first sign that you need a nap or time for bed. I love to watch you suck your thumb you are so sweet, pure, and innocent.
You celebrated your first Valentine's day!
We tried to get a picture with you and Ellie since you were in the same outfit on Valentine's day, but you both did not want to do anything, but cry. You were tired and I think not feeling well today so a smile was not happening.
We attempted to feed you with a bottle again, but you do not have a clue what you are doing and refuse to even try. It ends in tears every time we attempt to do the bottle. I wish you would let daddy feed you. I know it will happen with time though. You are still only nursing and only on demand. I am not pumping because it is uncomfortable and lately you've been eating every two hours so I really don't have much time for pumping.
You enjoyed your first Superbowl party at Ellie's house (and Brian & Kim's)
You hold your head up perfectly now. You are still not in love with tummy time, but you tolerate it very well for a short period of time.
Daddy & I are in love with all the funny faces you make these days! We love you so much and look forward to watching you grow up.
Valentine's Morning!
Yo are not feeling yourself today. I don't know if it's a growth spurt or if you're coming down with something. You have appeared to be slightly pale today and sleeping a lot. You're not your usual happy, smiling self.
I rock you to sleep now for your naps and many times I do not want to put you down so we cuddle and take naps together.
You are noticing the dogs now and you giggle at them all the time. Makai seems to enjoy napping with you these days as well.
I enjoy staying home with you all day. I look forward to when you wake up in the mornings because you are so full of smiles.
Since the day you turned 3 months you have not been sleeping through the night anymore. You literally started that day waking up several times a night. I think it had something to do with my milk supply. It seemed to be decreasing, but I have worked very hard to get it back to normal. You wake up to nurse and end up sleeping in our bed for a few hours. We are thinking of upgrading to a King size because a queen is just too small for three people.
We bought you the bumbo chair and while many people say it is not safe, we do not ever put you on high surfaces. You seem to enjoy it because you love to sit up and watch the doggies play. Buck seems to enjoy it too because he has better access to sniffing your face and fingers.
On Superbowl Sunday you and Ellie were supposed to spend time in your bumbos while the adults enjoyed eating and football, but of course with little ones that did not go as planned. There were 4 babies at the superbowl party and you each took turned sleeping, crying, laughing, and pooping :)
You recently started HATING your car seat. You scream almost the whole time and instantly stop crying when we take you out. We have tried musical mirrors, toys, my keys, singing, mobiles, and the radio. You simply hate to be in the car seat.
You are the sunshine of our days! We love you more than you will ever understand (maybe when you become a mom yourself).
You have a smile that is contagious!
I love watching you grow and change. You have become so much more involved in conversation and when you see me get the phone ready for a picture you already know to smile. You are getting plenty of practice for when your grandparents take millions of photos of you.
We love you our sweet girl and look forward to seeing you turn in to a beautiful bright eyed young girl.


Tracy said...

a few things:
Isaac hated the car seat, too. there wasn't much we could do, except brace ourselves for the screaming.
Eliza is waking up again, too. 3 months is a typical growth spurt, and also typical sleep regression. It sucks, but its pretty normal.
Eliza will also not take a bottle.
Eliza also has those striped jammies. They are so snuggly, but a little tight in the hand area. My hubby hates putting those on her. lol.

Sam said...

3 months already! I can't believe all of the hair she has! You'll be able to put it in pigtails in no time, I'm jealous! Jacob loves the bumbo too, it's great for on the floor but not on top of things I agree lol. Jacob also hates his car seat, but we had to change him to a larger car seat, from the carrier. He actually outgrew it! He's ok with a sucky in his mouth and music on the radio though. Hopefully she outgrows getting upset in it though! Some kids aren't ok with it until it's forward facing, but she's got a ways to go still :(

Hopefully she feels better! It's so hard when they can't tell you what's wrong. And starts sleeping through the night again for your sake! Jacob was having that problem around the 3 month mark too and it turned out to be a gas problem, we had to give him gripe water before bed for a week or two and then he was ok.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the update ~ she is so gorgeous! Her smile is definitely contagious!!