Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Christmas pictures

Peighton truly makes taking picture such an easy task. I guess all those pictures I took for daddy while he was gone has paid off. She posed, smiled, giggled, and enjoyed taking our family pictures. 

 During this picture she kept looking back saying "oooh" and laughing it was so cute! 
 I am so blessed to have a God-fearing hubby. He truly makes our family complete. I'm looking forward to the near future where deployments are no longer our life so I can enjoy him every single day. 

We have a little over a week before we leave for our 2 week Christmas vacation. We are so excited to be visiting both our parents' houses. The grandparents are equally excited to see Peighton. She is going to be very spoiled these few weeks. 

In other news, I think I mentioned this before but we finally put our house on the market and it's only been a week, but we are confident it will sell quickly. We have the upper hand in the market with a few extra things that other homes do not have in our area. So, let's pray someone needs a 3 car garage and 4th bedroom :) 

Peighton has been changing so much since Jeff came home. She is like a social butterfly. Perhaps she can feel my relief and that I'm not stressed anymore. She waves to everyone, allows others to hold her, talks to people, and is way more open to others talking to me now too. I guess all she really needed was her daddy. 

Here's a few things she's doing these days: (13.5 months) 
Sleeps all night (10-11.5 hours) 
No longer nursing/only whole milk 
Walking full-time 
Says "Ellie" (her bff) and "Elmo" her favorite book
She still dances with her booty...I'll have to get a video one day she has rhythm!
Says "Thanks" and "No" alot
Loves reading and will "read" 5-8 book to herself 
Touched snow yesterday for the first time and then whined because her hand was cold. 
Attempted to say "GiGi" (her grandma) instead we now call her "Cha Cha" 

Some other changes we've had around here are with our doggy, Chloe. 
She's only 3 and a few weeks ago I took her to the vet because I noticed something was wrong with her eyes. She was squinting and scratching them. So the vet suggested we remove two teeth in the back that were infected and that would solve the problem. She specifically said "your dog does not have diabetes, cataracts, or glaucoma" after a very expensive surgery I brought her home and over the weekend she went blind...completely! I brought her back to the vet where I was told she had glaucoma and if they had treated her immediately we could have spared her eyesight. So now, thanks to a crappy vet Chloe now has to take pain medicine everyday, eye drops 3 times a day, and cannot see at all. No more walks, no more playing with her toys, and a lifetime of blindness and pain. We struggled with a decision whether to put her down or see if she would adapt to the blindness well. She has adapted quite well even going in/out of the dog door, climbing the stairs in our house, and making her way around furniture. The hard part now is the financial burden of her medicine and medical treatments. But, she's such a happy lovable puppy that we decided to make the best of her life now and give her a good life despite her blindness. She still wags her tail, gets excited when we come home, and cuddles like before so she deserves to stick around. We also got some good news last week. The vet said the drops are working and the next refill will hopefully be her last so she will only be on pain meds which is a huge relief financially. 

So, that's all that is new in our lives. I feel so blessed to have my hubby home this Christmas and to be spending our Christmas holiday with our families. 

God Bless! 

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Tracy said...

I'm so sorry about your puppy. That would be so frustrating!